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Because of his past...women like to believe they have magic pussy that can capture any man and turn a beast civilized...also, they love to be's genetic. Never believe a woman who says she wants a good man, she wants a good man's money not his dick.


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You do know not all women are like this, right? Sorry for all the cunts you've known, but better does exist.

Any intelligent woman wants respect, not dominance. And it goes two ways, she also respects her man. She judges him for how he treated others before her, and knows him for his character. Yes, we want a man who is "different" with us. In the way of kindness, he can let his guard down and let us shove him on the bed playfully. Or torture him by tickling his ears or nose with a little bit of our long hair. Choosing us to be sexual with to the exclusion of all others, to keep his focus on their established household. That's called intimacy. Men want that too. They want a woman who looks to him to take care of things, to know and trust him to be able to make the right decisions, to offer love through respect, deference, and sex. Food is great, too, but you guys will eat burnt toast and hot dogs if you got everything else, and you'd smile while doing it, because that's how awesome a man can be. They don't complain about the things that are wrong until there are so many things wrong that it's intolerable.

Any smart woman also knows that money only brings happiness to a point. Rich men are trouble. A woman who isn't a gold digger would avoid a man who can buy anything his heart desires at any time. One who goes for money isn't there for love, companionship, or family. It is only about the "me." I feel sorry for a wealthy man who has a good heart and the ability to be loyal to a wife. The good women will avoid him and the bad ones will chase.


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I would like to believe that, but experience has taught me otherwise.

I think women can be like; however, society, culture, and experience has robbed many (if not all women) of any feminine virtue and replaced it with masculine vice.

I know more alcholic women then men, I know more drug addicted women than men, I know more promiscuous women than men.

From my limited experience I can only conclude that a woman's "love" is based on how an object or person makes "them" feel.

I would hope to be proven wrong, but hope does nothing but make terrible situations tolerable.

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