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It's beautiful, though. Put on the gender-swap glasses and bam, we see that she's saying that women's health is not men's responsibility.

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But taxpayer funded abortions and birth control are a man's responsibility?

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Rather abortion than mother's allowance for 18 years and mentally scarred children of single moms. Also. Les niggras get quite a few abortions.

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fuck that attitude. if people make kids, they ought to own up to it. just ban all abortions outside of medical necessity.

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You want more niggers and white trash running around? Trust me the abortions and birtch control are so much fucking cheaper it isn't even funny. It isn't even CLOSE.

You wanna ban abortions? OK.

I want legislation that your fucking ass. Pays for the delivery, all the ER visits the bitch and her kid go to that never get paid.

WHEN Tryone or Cletus fucking rob someone or kill/rape. You and the rest of you christian virtue signaling faggots gotta pay to lock them up / resitution on what they cannot afford to repace. ITS GUNNA BE ALOT PRINCESS. I don't want NONE of MY taxes going to that shit.

So you wanna bring all those beautiful children in the world. You fucking pay for em.

We can cancel food stamps welfare...thats fine DEAL. You'll still be paying out the ass you dumb fuck.

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someone should have aborted you

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But "taxes" are a man's responsibility. FTFY

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Taxpayer funded abortions should come with taxpayer funded sterilization.

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Once you give women the chance to help people that helped them you see how inherently selfish they are

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Just look how they treat their own. In the abstract, yeah, women are great, etc. but when it comes to actual breathing women, they're back-stabbing social ladder climbers.

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Their main drive over everything else, even their own children or husband is self preservation.

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These breast cancer charities, like Susan G. Komen which is the worst offender, are a complete waste of resources. Most charities are bullshit. I guess that's sort of off topic but fuck it

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Most charities are profile making for one or two people at the top or a tax shelter for the rich

Look up how many paid actors started their own charities as tax write offs. I wonder (((which accountant))) gave them that idea?

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"Men don't owe feminists anything". I say that to the whiners and they always look kind of shocked. I tend to follow that up with "why do you think you see so many white guys married to Asians?"

Small business hire more people than anyone and they don't have to abide by "diversity bullshit". They don't owe women anything.

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Lol, y'all should have seen the triggered pile of shit when I called circumcision "male genital mutilation" on a thread in a popular sub on Eddit.

Holy fuckballs, it was suddenly the end of the world for the feminazis.

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Abortion should be illegal for whites only.

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Men pay ALL net taxes. Women shouldn't be allowed to vote: /v/emergencynation/2130938

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