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It really pisses off my sister that they ruined the rainbow. Growing up the entire family knew her favorite color was the "rainbow", if you wanted to get her a gift she would love it if you gave her a rainbow backpack or lolipop. Now she cant even wear her favorite socks because people will think she is lesbian and supports trans gender faggots.

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God gave us the rainbow after the great flood as a promise He wouldnt do it again. No. Next time He's coming back with fire! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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I want to see rainbow swastikas and MAGAs tagged all over town. Take the rainbow back from the faggots by associating it with things they find repulsive.

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It is not only the rainbow they stole for homosexual propaganda it is the very word gay as it used to mean happy, joyful, lively, festive, bright, or colourful.


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And that was after they stole fags(cigarettes) and faggots(bundle of sticks) and dykes(walls or channels built to prevent flooding) and scissor(to cut with scissors or shears).

Homos are degenerates AND linguistic lifters.

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I know two women named Gay.

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Interesting. I thought they picked it because God showed a rainbow after he wiped away all of humanity for their faggotry with the great flood. Sort of a way of throwing it back in God's face.

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waves rainbow flag “remember you promised??” little do they know he just promised not to destroy them using water, fire is fair game!

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When you turn on your faucet and rope comes out, you know it's time.

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Baseball bat and gun. Lets do God a solid.

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no. more like a usurping a symbol from your enemy. a common tactic of theirs.

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Voat has some of the smartest people on it. I just left a comment talking about this. So glad to read it. The bible is truth!

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Also note they took out blue, so it is now 6 colours instead of 7.

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Funny how blue is also considered the 'masculine' color as well...

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Hidden at the end is a leprechaun with a bucket of shekels.

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The Irish Jew.

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I saw this great photo of a child holding a sign at a Bulgarian anti-LGBT protest. It read: "Give the rainbow back to children"

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Need to push that "black and brown stripe" meme more.

The rainbow as it stands just isn't inclusive enough guyz! Where's the brown and black and stripes!!?

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lets get 4chan to get them to do that and then freak out when people ask about a white stripe

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I didn't care all that much for rainbows when I was a kid. Why didn't they choose an ice cream bar as their symbol?

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They do. One of their symbols is the logo for a popular ice cream brand. The heart within a heart one.

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That's literally a pedophile symbol according to the FBI... Consistent with OP's reasoning regarding the rainbow... :/

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This is another reason that it's time to heat the ovens up. You can't even let your child enjoy innocent things, because the left has turned it all into degeneracy.

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