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You bring in medieval invaders, you get a medieval response.

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"Fetchay la vaash"


"Get t' cow mun"


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Pffft. different ammo for different jobs, pleb. Burning ammo is for burning things down. Solid hefty ammo is for knocking things down. Plague blanket/dead body ammo is for leaving structures intact, but fucking people up.

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Deus Cata-Vult!

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From the article "Last month, Tell MAMA said that there appeared to be a pattern of a spike in Islamophobic incidents following attacks in Britain and abroad."

I wonder why they never mention the spike in Anglophobic incidents?

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Self defense, It is war at this point. They keep killing white people so why shouldn't we fight back? The ideal solution would've just to let them stay in their shithole countries

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What does a sane person do when they have an infestation? They call the exterminator

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because we just call it 'life' so its not really news or interesting.

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"Large metal balls" sounds more islamophobic than marble sized ball bearings. http://archive.li/q9sTo

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Exactly. It's so people think boulders from catapults, not ball bearing from slingshots. The truth wouldn't cause the lesser 2/3 of the population to get all emotional and supportive of the saracen hordes.

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I like the idea of firing bacon wrapped scallops at the asslifters, but that may be cost prohibitive. Bacon wrapped ballbearings may be a better idea.

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Just grease up the ball bearing in bacon fat and eat the bacon.

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The shitty bacon though. Not turkey bacon shitty, not even subhumans deserve that thrown at 'em. More like bottom shelf paper thin bacon that's a month past the sell by.

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The last time a UK man placed a pork product on a mosque's stairs, he was jailed and subsequently murdered in prison. His name was Kevin Crehen.

Everyone seemed to care more about professional provocateur Tommy Robinson being jailed for committing an actual crime (not violating blasphemy laws, like Kevin was), so I wouldn't count on anyone giving a shit about you being killed in jail for catapulting a sack of pork at a mosque.

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As an American I must disagree with your wastefulness of delicious food

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Last month, Tell MAMA said that there appeared to be a pattern of a spike in Islamophobic incidents following attacks in Britain and abroad.

I wonder if islamic terrorism and anti-islamic sentiment are in some way linked...

No. It must be racism.

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If these invaders behaved like human beings they would get a better reception from the locals. They had a chance to make a good impression and assimilate into society and they failed. They failed both for themselves and for their countrymen, no one wants any more of them. But yeah, it must be racism.

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They didn't fail to assimilate. They have been an invasion from the beginning and not shy about it.

Everything you can see from a mosque is officially Islamic territory to them.

This is and always has been an invasion.

Its our people who where tricked by the Jews into opening the doors... and for some reason still haven't gone DEUS VAULT on the jews or the invasion.

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Should've launched bacon.

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and risk dying in jail?

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His name was Kevin Crehen and he is more of a hero and martyr for the UK than the jew, Tommy Robinson.

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4th Century BC problem? 4th Century BC solution.

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4th century BC didn't have elastic bands strong enough for a slingshot. A catapult or trebuchet would be the era-appropriate tool. That or flinging rats and feces over the wall.

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this appears to be the original story


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