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A Leftist government will always betray their own people in favor of "minorities" that they perceive as noble and held in high esteem. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

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It should be the other way around. How many white people have driven a truck into a crowd, stabbed, or threw acid at someone compared to the fuck ton of mudslimes who have?

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The police officer literally says that they have the right to selectively enforce the laws. That is the definition of tyranny. They have granted themselves the ability to decide who can do what and when. The laws don't matter, only what the police say. The laws are nothing more than clubs to beat people into submission. They no longer protect people, because they are only applied when the cops say so.

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yep, that is why they can ban a white canadian women from entering their country

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Same problem in the US. Creating protected classes of people defacto creates unprotected classes.

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Want to be a citizen again? Want to be regarded as a human being again? /v/emergencynation/2130938

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