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No amanda nigger. Thats what happens in a gun free zone. Come on down to my neck of the woods bitch

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I'd love to have one of these, but in heavier gauge, but they prob don't make it and it's prob not legal as a CCW.

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They make revolvers in 410. There are some full pump shotguns that are technically hand guns and technically means it is usable for ccw.

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nigger proves he is a nigger. @Trump drone strike chocolate shit city!

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OP...what you said is THE nigger M.O..

They get in your face and antagonize and taunt and when you blow your top, they point their nigger-finger and screech RAYCISS.

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What's the source on that gif? I know I have seen it before but I can't remember. It perfectly captures the animalistic qualities of these subhumans.

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I don't know! It was, the epitome of the groid-chimp-out. I saw this a long time ago, and lost the source. I looked for it a number of times over the years and could never find it until someone on here posted it.

All I recall is that this psycho-nog went, well...ape-shit over something stupid....no straw, pay for the xtra large, whatever, and she went berserk and started flinging around like a fucking lunatic. She jumped up onto the counter, and around the store. And some genius had the foresight to record this and post it for everyone to behold...the magnificence of a groid chimping in the wild.

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If she didn't before, she does now.

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"They're people, just like you!"

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Carry guns, and segregate from blacks. Nuff said.

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At this moment I am extremely mad that I am banned from twatter because all I want to do is call that nigger that posted the video a nigger. Stupid sheboon asking for donations for her chimp campaign, I just wish I could call her what she is.

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