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What’s weird is I met three really “intelligent” people in the last few weeks, friends of friends. Two female doctors (one endocrinologist, one cardiologist) and the other a male PhD in electrical engineering.

All three of them had the worst trump derangement syndrome I had ever seen. It was so fascinating to recognize intelligence compiled with a very clear personality compensation for it...they were not leaders, were emotionally vulnerable, and easily brainwashed/propagated. Yes they were great at memorizing content spelled out for them but they were not capable of individual thinking due to these mental boundaries and rouadblocks they were subverted into. It’s like they couldn’t see truth. (They were super liberal, from Austin. Non stop trump bashing at there house, good thing I never will have to go visit them again, very nice people though).


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Yes they were great at memorizing content spelled out for them but they were not capable of individual thinking

They are computers programed to obey.


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Diversity hires.


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There's lots of different forms of intelligence- Academic, Emotional, Artistic, Critical Thinking. It's hard to find anyone that excels in any of them.


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Well, if they were doctors, they would have already been brainwashed to accept that the ONLY medicine is using pharmacology, technology and surgery. It goes deeper than that, but the AMA has a set of practices that they approve, they control the medical schools, they control the state licensing boards, they control the questions AND answers on the tests to pass to be named a doctor, and they control the hospitals. It's a closed system, so those people are already used to living in a closed world that has specific thought boundaries. Thinking "outside the box" is not allowed, unless you wish to lose your license to practice.

They are pre-conditioned to accept the authorities, and to not question their narrative.

Engineers? Yeah, they follow the rules, period, or people die. Built in acceptors.


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Engineers...built in acceptors...hahaha

Where do you think your military tech comes from, kid...magical fairy dust?


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Yes I agree. It’s so strange to see it in a person in extreme contrast, but it also makes sense.