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They're brainwashed.

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It really is scary just how many people are so easily manipulated into believing whatever TPTB want. And when confronted with actual questions they completely shut down and state at you blankly like they're not even capable of registering the words that you're saying.

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You mean Synagogue of Satan?

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Cognitive dissonance is real. But also much of society these days is medicated. It is way beyond just fluoridation these days.

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That’s it man. For sure.

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I'm not a big fan of Trump because of how pro-Israel/zionist he is.

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Hypnotized, brainwashed. Trained to react to stimuli in a certain manner. Just like Yuri Bezmenov said! " You can't get through to them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern.

You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior. "


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Very good point!

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Here's another strategy to take.

Tell him how you're seeing how a lot of people are starting to like him, and you're reading a lot of stuff that he's doing that seems on the surface to be good somehow. And that it's starting to worry you because you never thought of yourself as a Nazi. You've come to him because you know he hates trump, so he must be the sane one in all this chaos, and you need him to help you understand and undo the brainwashing, show you where Trump was racist, why he's a bad guy, etc. When you rebut him, or question something, apologise and remind him that he can't help you if you don't believe it yourself, so instead of simply making baseless broad statements, he'll have to dig in to the details where the argument will probably completely fall apart. Again, you MUST frame it as you asking him for help to help yourself.

You make actually learn something along the way... but I doubt it.

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Life pro-tip: this technique works everywhere in life, not just politics. If you come across an idiot and tell them they're an idiot and why, they'll never listen to you. If you ACT like you're the idiot, and that you like their idea but just need a little more information to help you understand, you can lead them pretty far down the road of thinking about what they're trying to tell you. If you're over the top patronizing they'll catch on immediately. The hard part is appearing genuinely sincere in wanting to know additional information.

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The hard part is appearing genuinely sincere in wanting to know additional information.

It's really hard. In fact, I've found that I simply can't pull it off. I have to convince myself first that what they're saying is worth listening to. IE, I can't stand individual feminists. But if I play mind games with myself, and convince myself that whilst she's painful to listen to, she's representative of the entire movement that's destroying the west, and to defeat the enemy, you must know the enemy. Then I can listen to everything they say and be 100% genuine.

this technique works everywhere in life, not just politics

Another non political example is that I can't stand guardening, or talking about gardening (something my old co-workers were very passionate about), but if I imagine I have some kind of side business selling certain plants, then that information becomes incredibly valuable, and I can tune in and ask questions about what certain parts of the process and really engage with them. Most of the time, I'm just as uninterested, but sometimes you discover something really cool that will spark you interest in the subject.

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That’s beautiful haha.

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Fuck, I might actually try this.

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when did it get to this point that we have to use psy-ops to render truth? i say fuck it and club him in the head.

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The problem with this approach is that it can (and will) be used against you.

>when did it get to this point that we have to use psy-ops to convince the proletariat of his oppression? i say fuck it and club him in the head

>when did it get to this point that we have to use psy-ops to make people believe in the 6 gorillion? i say fuck it and club him in the head

>when did it get to this point that we have to use psy-ops to convert people to Islam? i say fuck it and club him in the head

you get the idea

The thing about my suggestion isn't that you're using psy-ops. You're neutralising the emotion surrounding the topic, thus enabling logic and rationale to steer the conversation instead. The absolutely beautiful thing about it, is that people may bring up new information that completely changes your perspective. If I never did that, I'd still think that carbon emissions were responsible for global warming.

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What’s weird is I met three really “intelligent” people in the last few weeks, friends of friends. Two female doctors (one endocrinologist, one cardiologist) and the other a male PhD in electrical engineering.

All three of them had the worst trump derangement syndrome I had ever seen. It was so fascinating to recognize intelligence compiled with a very clear personality compensation for it...they were not leaders, were emotionally vulnerable, and easily brainwashed/propagated. Yes they were great at memorizing content spelled out for them but they were not capable of individual thinking due to these mental boundaries and rouadblocks they were subverted into. It’s like they couldn’t see truth. (They were super liberal, from Austin. Non stop trump bashing at there house, good thing I never will have to go visit them again, very nice people though).

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Yes they were great at memorizing content spelled out for them but they were not capable of individual thinking

They are computers programed to obey.

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Diversity hires.

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There's lots of different forms of intelligence- Academic, Emotional, Artistic, Critical Thinking. It's hard to find anyone that excels in any of them.

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Well, if they were doctors, they would have already been brainwashed to accept that the ONLY medicine is using pharmacology, technology and surgery. It goes deeper than that, but the AMA has a set of practices that they approve, they control the medical schools, they control the state licensing boards, they control the questions AND answers on the tests to pass to be named a doctor, and they control the hospitals. It's a closed system, so those people are already used to living in a closed world that has specific thought boundaries. Thinking "outside the box" is not allowed, unless you wish to lose your license to practice.

They are pre-conditioned to accept the authorities, and to not question their narrative.

Engineers? Yeah, they follow the rules, period, or people die. Built in acceptors.

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Engineers...built in acceptors...hahaha

Where do you think your military tech comes from, kid...magical fairy dust?

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Yes I agree. It’s so strange to see it in a person in extreme contrast, but it also makes sense.

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Wait, are we racist ironically or unironically?

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Everybody is racist. Especially plenty of lefties, the difference is that they claim to not to be and they use that as a weapon.

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The lefties are the worst racists in my experience.

They don't expect shit from black people.

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I've met A LOT more racists lefties than righties.

Right wingers don't go out of their way to make someone of a different nationality or skin color feel important. That's what equality should be.

I remember living in the bay area an idiot leftie stopped the beaners working on my building so she could speak Spanish with them. The need to be accepted gave her pussy tingles and she didn't give a fuck that they should be working. Her need to pat herself on the back was more important than my time. I just wanted them to get the fuck back to work.

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I prefer the term race realist. 😉

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Racist is a word that has existed for LESS THAN 100 years, and was popularized by Leon Trotsky, Communist Ideologue extraordinaire. Think about those two facts.

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Its outstandingly easy to get them to fall apart by asking "Why?" they literally have no actual argument.

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It was kinda fun I’ll admit haha.

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"Why" is the best question to ask, almost all the time. It pisses me off how parents destroy this impulse in young kids, simply because it gets to be "annoying". You're ruining your child and turning them in to the oligarchs' ideal zombie.

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These idiots, lacking the means to think on their own, are told to fear Trump because he's racist, sexist, a war monger about to start WWII, he's murdering trannies and gays by the hundreds, he's sending libtards and blacks off to concentration camps to starve to death and he's grabbing every woman he sees by the pussy. Oh, and he's Literally Hitler and I fear being a woman in Trump's America (and other places of the world, such is his malign intent.)

They can give no specific examples, ever, but EVERYONE KNOWS Trump does all this and more, you see. He just does.

These fucks feed off each other.

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Haha so true I love the image you painted in my mind of outta control pussy-grabbin Trump.

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Everything everyone "knows" is always wrong. i.e. Water is conductive - "everybody knows" except it isnt its the metals like sodium in it that make it conduct. if you put current through water you just get hot water,

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Why are you friends with an idiot like that?

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Hey I used to be an idiot too. Somebody’s gotta show em the light.

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Having compassion for our brainwashed brothers and sisters does more good for us than them, it further shows who really is close-minded. Not everyone deserves this compassion, if they aren't willing to level with you and actually start being rational, ditch them.

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This is the only important question.

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Yeah, people are so dumb to be brainwashed.

Tell me at no point you believed the (((MSM))) lies. I did, now I don't. I'd rather be friends that learned the same way I had, then someone who didn't.

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Why does a friend pat you on the back? So he can find out where the knife will enter best. Got the picture?

Do you trust him when the SHTF?

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Unfortunately for OP, the usual reason.

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It's magic. They're possessed by emotion.

The tragedy is the men have been separated from the masculine strength, which is to control their emotions with logic.

The majority of women voted for Trump, so it isn't as if women are incapable of mastering their own emotions, it's the infection of emotionalism spreading from the bimbo quailty women to the men.

TLDR= your friend is a fag.

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