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Nobody makes me wear a helmet. I make me wear a helmet.

I like my brain on the inside of my skull.

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You sure you don't like it smeared across a gmc acadia?

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You're a better man than most for doing that kind of shit. My aunt always used to tell me the same and I never took heed until seeing some crash footage

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implying that he doesnt get something out of it

Ems workers get paid shit because there are tons of people who want to do it for the adrenaline rush, and because being the hero is sexy

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Fair enough. It's interesting though, that the ride will cost you upwards of $4k to go down the block and the EMTs are making (guessing) less than $150 a day

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My motto is never get involved, it never ends well for you.

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Sounds like a couple of people are getting new kidneys today.

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Too rural. 45 minutes for the first emergency services to arrive.

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To think, @Epictetus_Hierapolis spent almost half an hour giving the guy mouth-to-face resuscitation and it just wasn't enough.

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I notice your new to voat. Are you aware of the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty and the Dancing Israelis of 9-11?

Do you have moment to talk about our lord and savior Patrick Little?

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I want to ride a motorcycle. Then I remember how people drive these days. No turn signals, no back up lights, stopping when they shouldn't, going when they shouldn't, slowing when they shouldn't, speeding when they shouldn't, doing everything in the world but paying attention to driving. I'm not sure I could purposefully fuck up more then 90% of Americans do every day while driving.

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Fucking cell phones. I see so many idiots paying more attention to their cell phones than the road. I ride motorcycles a lot, and always keep my eye on those assholes. You can tell who's not paying attention if you're paying attention. How well you ride using correct lane position and always assume no one sees you can greatly influence your survival. There are many videos on JewTube to help you learn. Watch them and practice your braking and turning (countersteering). Shit in the roadway that normally wouldn't concern you in your car can fuck you up on a bike. Make sure you're clear, and don't speed into turns that you can't see the end of. Watch for debris on the roadway in turns. It's easy, really. Riding is so great!

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Treat everyone like a retarded toddler that is trying to kill you, and don't be a dick. You'll be fine.

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Most of these are only a serious danger when bikers run lights and ride between the lanes.

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Yep. And intersections are the most accident-prone places for motorcyclists. Slow up, assume no one sees you, and be in a good lane position for oncoming traffic to see you, if they're looking lol.

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Because they will be fine when they get rear ended and crushed between two cars, or when they get side swiped and pushed under a semi, or when someone turn out in front of them.

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Stick to rural riding in my opinion. Long scenic roads etc where you only have to watch the road in front of you.

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My brother was on a motorcycle and was hit by a drunk driver. He was hit so hard his helmet flew off in the air. My brother was thrown through the air like a ragdoll set 20ft high and spinning. He will never be the same. Wear your helmet and dont fuck with the clasp so that it's easier to take on and off.

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Also, tie up your straps. The night I was ready to ship out to boot camp, sitting in a hotel at the airport, my mom called me to say my little brother got airlifted from crashing his motorcycle. His backpack straps were flopping around and caught the chain, ripping him off the bike and dragging him with it. He was pretty fucked, but pulled through. There was a lot of irony in bootcamp as we used electrical tape to tie up loose ends on our packs.

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i have more respect for riders who wear hi-vis jackets etc when riding sure its not a cool image but it at least gives the rider a chance of being seen.in fact in western australia where i live the bike cops wear a lime green hi-vis setup which i have now seen several bikers wearing almost identical gear as the cops,must say you quickly slow down or pay extra attention whenever you seen a bike cop or anyone who looks like one

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I was following a motorcyclist in a heavily congested construction zone. He had his jacket off on the seat behind him. It started flapping around and then got caught up in his gears. He went from 55 mph to zero in a matter of seconds. I stopped in time but the three cars behind me did not. Anyone else on that road behind him and he would have lost a leg or two. Instead his only wounds were a sliced up hand cutting his jacket away with a utility knife.

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Damn that is crazy. Sorry to hear that. I hope he is doing alright. Motorcycles are no joke. I have lost a good friend on a bike and my bro will never be the same again because of a bike. I always wanted one but after all that I decided it's not worth it. If I ever get a bike I will only ride it on a track. Too many variables on the road, too many idiots. If you have one, ride safe my friend.

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no offense, but don't buy a shitty helmet

there is a reason good helmets cost 300-600 dollars

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Idk if you read what I wrote but there was nothing wrong with the helmet until my brother took a piece off of the clasp so that it was easier to take on and off. I dont know for sure but I always just assumed that was the reason why his helmet came off. It was a standard DOT approved helmet. It was a legit helmet. Not a full face mask but like a 3 quarter shell.

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Never had to check if a patient accidentally aspirated his eyeballs, that's a new one to me!

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Savage post. You're awesome for knowing first aid. Car drivers are fucking reckless nowadays.

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Drivers. I'm so sick of bikers who ride between the lanes and go "were invisible to cars, man!" No, you're not 'invisible' to cars, it's called riding in the fucking lane.

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well shitty driving like that would be the bikers fault, he's talking about the many car drivers that will just turn into the left lane while you are right there beside them, or cars that turn into the road while you are right there. They could see you if they looked before they turned.

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There's recklessness and entitlement on both sides, it just depends on your geographical location which one is worse. If I lived in Marin County, CA I would completely agree with you. But I happen to live in a county where the drivers are the lion's share of the assholes. We have commuting bikers AND pedestrians that unnecessarily die here all the time. In fact, we were somehow voted by a study as having the worst drivers in the nation a few years back. It's like playing Frogger when you walk or bike here!

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Could you still intubate or did you have to do a crico?

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Nah, we couldn't even get the fucking teeth and jaw out of the way. Used a Berman, but that shit was completely fucked.

Passenger got a crico I believe. Not really sure, there was another group taking care of her and my trach kit was opened by them.

Honestly surprised by how many med kits got pulled out. Not little first aid kits, seems like everyone had a full trauma kit to throw down with me.

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Can you reccomend a ready made trauma kit to buy for a vehicle?

I have a small first aid kit, quick clot, a bunch of extra thick nitrile gloves (non-sterile, mostly for chemicals), resqme tools, and a 2.5lb fire extinguisher. Should probably get a tourniquet and some other stuff?

Of course I cabt remember how to use any of it but hopefully someone else will. I need to do some classes when I have time.

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Do you think maybe "doomsday prepping" is the reason a lot of people are well stocked?

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What state or city if you're willing? I'm looking to move and what you describe would never happen in southern california, even in a hospital parking lot.

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Women drivers, no survivors.

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