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actually it was zero bail, judge gave them a special signature bond from what I heard .

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They used their Citibank Mastercard.

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This stinks worse than the Vegas shooting. Who lets out a criminal, with incriminating evidence in possesion of authorities, out scott free?

Here you go America, it's your chance to truly side with liberty and truth and find out first hand how far the shit hole goes.

I wait with popcorn with the ehope of having my perceptions shattered.

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I don't see why being called a "conspiracy theorist" is a bad thing.

We live in a country where Jews

  • Have complete control of our monetary system
  • Incite minority groups to commit violence against whites
  • Are over-represented in almost all positions of power
  • Promote race-mixing with whites to destroy white culture
  • Degrade our borders and laws

But when I tell people we must gas the Jews, they call me a Nazi.

Well maybe I'm fucking justified in being a Nazi! And maybe we're fucking justified in being a conspiracy theorists.

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I remember some folks bitching about the FBI wanting to wait before entering the compound and also praising the local police for taking action. It may be a good time to consider the need to gather evidence before making arrests.

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Anyone in New Mexico want to DO SOMETHING?!?!

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Starting to sound like old Mexico to me.

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Mid Life Crisis Mexico was always my favorite, that fucker was wild.

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In Old Mexico that muslim would've been gunned down by cartels. In old Mexico muslims complain that the Mexicans wont be accmodating lmaoooooo

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Some something my opinion

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Damn son dial it back a notch.

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Good talk.

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I disagree

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Dale was right.

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The cartels only care about money and Saudis have a shit load of it. They are working together. We should just let Iran, the Saudis and the Jews kill each other in a dead match.

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That only happends when the rest of us are dead.

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Anyone want to explain this to someone who's been out of the loop?