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An Idea to make Korea free from Kim Jong-un's Propaganda machine

Don't act like you give a fuck now, assholes

Next thing you'll be up in arms about movie studios raping and drugging kids

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Reddit is such a piece of shit. And most of the users are bitchmade.

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I fucking hate when people only care about a cause when people give a shit. This has been going on for generations and not a peep.

How about the child slaves picking cocoa beans in Africa so fatfucks can have their chocolate. How about human slavery in the middle east?

Not a peep but insult a miserable fat women and you get lynched. Fuck these people.

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Most of them havent even heard of him till this year.

They are all 16 year olds who think they know the world.

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MFW I can't tell which site you're referring to.

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But I'm 16 years old...

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Funny how they don't seem to mind the MSM propaganda machine.

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He doesn't give a fuck, he's just after those virtue signaling cred.

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Well. Voat looks like a serious media outlet, and Reddit looks like a pile of garbage for retards.

I still have my Reddit username stored somewhere. Haven't been there for a couple of years now. That place has become truly disgusting.

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All of the actual news gets buried or hidden. But yes, for the most part they are retards.

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They've deliberately cultivated an audience of retards. This is actually obvious once you realize the reason: they want to sell things. Retards are easing to trick into buying. Simple as that.

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Voat is dark coffee, coffee so dark it bends the light around the rim of the cup into the darkness creating a shadow over the mug itself.

Reddit is Roundup it gives you cancer.

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I fucking hate those dumbass names they come up with, floof? What the fuck is that?

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Infantilism. They want everything in their world wrapped in a cushion of cotton wool, even language (and especially truth).

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It is as retarded as doggo and pupper as well as the over use of y'all. Been online for a while, and it seems that just now they started peddling these words.

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Ive said yall since before I had internet ..

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ya'll is often used by posers to front, true, but it's prevalence is mostly due to being a grammatically useful term with no real alternative in English

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Two of those posts on Reddit's FP (the ones about donating flash drives) are actually advertisements to build popular support for a Psyop.

All of the old communist/socialist dictators they placed into power basically followed a script; just about every single one tried to make decisions to best benefit his country, and so they have all been removed. The Kim Jong lineage is the last of the old dictators left. I wrote more about the script (((they))) always follow here, NK has been hovering between step 4 and 5 for a while as they are having trouble building the popular support.

The Kim Jong lineage has modeled their administrations on Mao, who would have been the most successful of these old dictators (yes, more than Hitler, I'll explain later*). Like China (and Germany), NK has little ability to produce food, though they have abundant energy reserves in coal (which cannot power a warmachine [this requires oil], but can power infrastructure). Mao was offered favorable external trade in return for political favors, and he refused, knowing very well that his people would be hungry, but he saw no future for his people with the globalists. Contrary to the common opinion now, the Chinese were actually supportive of his decision, and they 'made do', for the good of their own country (this is why most Chinese delicacies are made with entrails and other less desirable cuts; this is also when rice went from being an optional food to being the main course in some cases, etc). Of course, if he didn't have popular support then psyops wouldn't be needed, but he did, and so they needed psyops to eventually cause one of the southern Chinese regions to rebel, and with (((external support))), to overthrow Mao.

Of course, The Kim lineage learned from Mao, and didn't admit Jews to internal positions of power (which Mao did [the first outsiders to be admitted to The Party were Jewish], thus his downfall), and is still managing to hang on. If we ever make it out of this, we actually owe a lot to NK for holding out for long enough to allow the rest of us to figure out who our (((real enemies))) are.


*Hitler didn't catch onto the Jews initially - he was primarily concerned with re-unifying his country as ethnic Germans were being killed on territories now owned by neighboring countries. Since he had a visible warmachine, it was easy for (((them))) to galvanize support to put his insurrection down. Mao instead tried the turtle strategy, but still didn't catch onto the jews (two of whom were his direct advisors). Beside the Kims, he had the most success after shunning the globalists.

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only two of the posts on Reddit's front page are advertisements


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Different tactics, but the shills are still among us.

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yes but they're super obvious and we mostly just laugh at them. Do your part.

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I've been naming the Jew all day, you do your part.

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No wonder I don’t miss that place. Even Facebook has better content and less autism than that.

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FB is a fucking ghost town as far as I can tell

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I'll be honest.
I've kept my Reddit account.
I still go there to look through cute/funny stuff and also usually tech(nical) questions.
I do all my content posting and news browsing here though (not a good content producer but I still try)
And I also hang out over there for my weekly rage-tour.
I just go through their news sections and get pissed at everything I see, from the blatant lies, to absolute bullshit, to a bunch of faggots commenting about how somethings are just "so wrong."
If Reddit were a nation, I'd voat to nuke it.

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Stop going there. Just do it, you pussy. You'll feel a million times better. Cancel your Netflix, too. In fact, stop watching scripted tv and movies in general. After about two months you'll realize that it's a bizarre and strange thing to do, watching fake scripted versions of reality on a moving picture box. I used to like tv shows that were well-written with good characters and stories and blah blah blah. Just a few years later I think it's the epitome of wasting time to follow serial tv shows at all, and I don't miss them one bit. Meanwhile, in that same time frame, literally every aspect of my life has improved. You do the math.

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Reddit is only useful for apolitical things.

You have a math question? You can ask on reddit.

But anything even remotely close to politics and you will realize that most redditors are all mentally ill. Better try foreign language forums. The average Russians or Chinese are more sane when it comes to politics, which is ironic considering how they are supposed to be undemocratic and authoritarian. Just goes to show you that authoritarian libtardation disguised as liberal democracy is as bad if not worse.

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We call it Israel. Or Judea if you prefer old style names. I personally still call Constantinopolis by it's proper name. And Magna Grecia for southern Italy. Hell, I would go as far as calling Sycily Syracuse. Fucking Carthaginians.

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Same here for the most part

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