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What happened?

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I think what happened is that OP woke from a 40+ year coma.

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8/17/2018 never forgive the republicans and democrats never forgive the politician murderer bastards in suits.

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Did some new legislation happen/pass?

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Seriously dude, where the fuck have you been? 1984 has been here since the 90's and definitely since 2001. We welcomed it every time we blindly hit accept to a TOS. We welcomed it after 9/11 when we "temporarily" allowed our government more power to spy on us.

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Context please.

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OP came out of the woods and into society

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Raised by wolves.

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Knowing is nothing. Start studying cryptography. Make yourself invisible.

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studying and teaching, if few use it then they are just targets, if everyone uses it then we are all safe.

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Way before that! Have you been in a coma for s few years?

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Patriot act . NDAA 2012 and the Smith mundt modernization act . Look them up

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Not just that dude...the same nda set aside $160million to create fake news (including alternative media plants, hence why so many YouTube mis/dis information channels popped up over night).

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If only as a Conservative Jew I had some group I could side with to fight back. Oh well, nobody wants to partner up, so I guess I will just sit here and watch it all unfold just like all of you.

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Voat must be super awkward for Joe shmo everyday Shlomo.

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Man, you have thick skin to hang around here. Good for you.

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This is how they work, don't fall for it.

Infiltrate Assimilate Decimate