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rode the cock carousel and now realizes she needs a real man, too late!

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now realizes she needs a real man a beta provider to pay for the real man's child she is pregnant with.

Women look for one type of man to fuck and another type of man to pay. If you have already pregnant women trying to attach themselves to you, you basically know that they see you as a cuck, and nothing more than a cuck. If that is happening to you, you urgently have to change the way youre dealing with women, because they see you as a walking ATM and not as a real man. Theyd never let you impregnate them in the first place.

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She wouldn't consider him a real man. In her eyes, he would ferever be a cuck. She would grow up to resent him and eventually hate him. She will fiie for divorce and take the house, and half his shit. To top it all off, the courts will force him to pay alimony and child support for Chads kid because "he assumed a fatherly role".

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Women hate incels, somewhat because they're low status, but mostly because they're supposed to be their backup plans

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The only thing incels get right is that women are hypergamous whores.

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Err isn’t that their only thing?

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Yeah they at least admit reality, despite being very negative people lol

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In nature being mentally and physically fit used to mean that you would have a survival advantage over others and therefore get more chances to reproduce.

Now all you have to do is bide your time as the years go by while fishing on dating apps for desperate single mothers who want you for nothing more than a meal ticket.

This survival technique is not new. It's called being a scavenger or bottom feeder and there's a niche for it in human society as well, apparently.

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Before feminism, this type of niche was much less prevalent. And dating apps? Nonexistent. In fact, dating itself used to be considered a degenerate activity. Oh how far we have fallen.

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This is why I want incels to turn into MGTOWs. I want these whores to suffer.

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I ran into a few already too. Simply told them, "What in the world is a strong woman like yourself even doing looking for a man? You already have a kid... All your problems in life were solved when you went blindly and arrogantly into single motherhood. I, like most single men am not interested in a woman who has already made the most permanent decision anyone can make. I'd wish you luck, but we both know you don't need it, you already know everything. And if you ever decide you don't, well then you've got the father out there somewhere and I'm sure he's out there too, making all the important and selfless decisions."

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Saving that for later

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Was he a, ahh, person of colour fellow?

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gentleman of pigmentation

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maxi-melanin man?

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She wouldn't tell him until after it's born and he's on the Family Court hook as "nearest male provider".

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Is that a actual option for these 'women'?

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This only ends when men repeal the 19th.

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Men have to repeal democracy in it's entirety and go back to a strongly hierarchical meritocracy.

The 19th is not something that can be solved by democracy, it is something that was caused by democracy.

As long as anybody can vote, losers of that vote will always try to expand the vote to get the vote of the new voter in exchange for being allowed to vote.

  • In 1905, Eugene V. Debs, the popular labor activist and Socialist Party leader, had a speaking engagement in Rochester, New York and went to visit the aging women's rights pioneer Susan B. Anthony at her home there. They exchanged memories of their previous meeting; then Anthony took Debs's hand and, with good humor, said, "Give us suffrage and we'll give you socialism." Debs's good-natured reply was: "Give us socialism and we'll give you the vote."

If voting is allowed, the voters will also vote on who can vote.

And they have.

A vote limited to men was expanded to an unlimited vote for men. A vote limited to whites was expanded to include niggers. A males-only vote was expanded to women. A vote limited to citizens is being expanded to illegal immigrants. There are countless attempts to allow felons and minors to vote. Democrats let even dead people vote.


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I'm actually impressed the guy was polite. I'd have simply typed, "ROFLMAO at you, slut."

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I want a relationship so I can have pet dogs??

Two losers meet in cyber space.

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Wanting a dog makes you a loser?

It’s a good stepping stone in a relationship.

Date, become exclusive, move in together, get a plant, get a dog, get engaged, get married, have a family.

This seems like a very normal progression to me and the dog is a final step before you can really decide who you could marry.

But nah, I guess this dude is just a fag

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Like I said above. It's being forward but not. By saying dogs he's not jumping to the end all be all kids route and later on the women won't have the option of bringing up a 3 year old text about having children. It's a smooth move and I approve.

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Wanting a relationship to get a pet dog is.

Just get a pet dog regardless. The fuck do u need a women for that?

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No. You do not tell a woman you want a relationship so you can get a doggy. You tell a woman you'd like to get to know someone well enough to have a relationship . As in HER. She's not going to like to be used as conduit to getting a fucking dog unless she's desperate. You can get a dog if you live at home with your mom.

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I don't like animals but I sort of think a girl who treats animals well would be a good mother, so that is not a bad point.

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relax, it's like being forward but not too forward, he's trying to speak female, this is a normal dialogue when speaking with retarded women.

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I suppose he's only looking for retarded females to jump. I should have guessed.

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Her ex knocked her up? It takes two to tango.

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If single mothers accepted self agency, they wouldnt be knocked up in the first place.

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