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Untrue. Cite it

edit: apparently true, and he did cite it

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I thought that was just in Canada, that shit made it into the USA? How could that be upheld by the supreme court?

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In the briefest of answers, Federalism allows states to make local laws and of the 7,000 - 8,000 cases submitted to the Supreme Court annually they only accept to hear about 80 (argued) and another 50 - 80 on paper only. If what's being said is true (I have no idea) it would probably be too new and non problematic to have any cases make it all the way up yet.

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not true, that story was sensationalized and fake. show me the actual law

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That's Canada. I think I heard something about possible civil suits being brought up for "misgendering" someone, but you won't be arrested and thrown into prison.

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Not allowing a member of protected group to infect you is a hate crime. /s

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That’s real CA-style “justice" and “prioritization" for you. Nuke CA.

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Is this real? This is actually happening or are these proposals?

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I live in California unfortunately. This is no surprise. I'm hoping for the goys to reach their proverbial 'last straw' w/ these kikes.

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I linked both stories. Both "crimes" carry the same sentence

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Here's the link to the news story for infecting people with Gay Related Immune Disorder. It's a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of 6 months, same as the penalty for using straws.

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Let's move to wood straws, they are biodegradable lol

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California was a mistake.

Please secede soon.

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Providing customers with straw: 6 months
Deliberately infecting people with HIV: 6 months
Infecting drinking straw with HIV: Priceless

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