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well you passed part of the test

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Dude, wut if dat shiet wuz fyr daug?

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Appendix Carry 100%.

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I'm starting to warn up to "shoot myself in the leg" carry because I like the position and have a decent holster and I'm not a fucking retard.

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I started it almost a year ago for similar reasons. Took me an exhausting month of constant research before I found the right gear. I use a full size pistol.

It's the best position for concealment. I take a minor mobility hit (a forward fold is occasionally awkward). I find it to be comfortable and hot weather (less clothes) friendly.

I am still interested in finding a way to concealed carry topless in just beach shorts. But I'm not quite there, yet.

By the way, if you haven't heard of it, also consider getting a clip-on attachment. It gives you more options for carrying and shouldn't interfere with a holster

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I appendix, but also pocket. Hand ON gun is even faster.

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When I'm not carrying appendix I carry in a pocket holster and I think it's nice to be able to "half draw" the gun in my pocket by getting a good grip and angling the grip for a draw (without exposing the trigger) and the process just looks like I have my hand in my pocket. I feel like carrying appendix or around my back makes it so I have to go from zero to draw or else it gives away that you're considering drawing if you grab the bottom of you shirt and ready your hand or if you reach back like you're grabbing your wallet and hesitate. With pocket drawl you just have your hand in your pocket.

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I really like the idea of both, good call!

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Double plus upboat for you. I wear thin and form fitting (medium) T-shirts year round and carry a Glock 19 in a custom Kydex appendix carry holster tucked into a Blue Alpha rigid gun belt. Everywhere, every day. Not once has anyone asked if I was carrying or commented on it in any way.

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Would u appendix carry a glock with one in the chamber? I’m curious to hear the opinions on people who own glocks, with no safety, and if/whether they carry loaded

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Your finger is a safety, it won't fire unless you pull the trigger.

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I do appendix carry with one in the chamber and a full magazine, no safety. Single Action with a built in trigger guard (you have to pull the center of the trigger to allow it to pull back fully -- sides and bottom edges do not count). I technically have the trigger unholstered (the trigger is fully exposed; protected only by clothing) because I use a clip-holster.

I've done so daily for almost a year and I have no fear that it will go off, even in a tussle.

So, I agree with the posters that say the trigger and guard are enough safety.

The basic logic is this:

Frederick Winslow Taylor used a stopwatch to track every minute motion of factory workers in the manufacturing process. Every millisecond counts!

Having the safety on costs you anywhere between a fifth and a three-quarters of a second if you practice. Without constant practice, it can take up to a second and a half for some folks. It also takes up a bit of mental energy (split attention span) that you are trying to dedicate to awareness.

Having to chamber a round requires you to cycle the gun. Which is a lot of extra steps and diminishes the advantage of concealment. It exposes you to a variety of mishaps like fidgeting and could even result in you presenting or pulling the trigger with the safety still on! Or worse; engaging a target with an empty chamber!

The risk-reward/cost-benefit analysis is based upon the relative safety of the gun's trigger system. And, while I agree that a revolver is safer, even a single action glock is safe enough, partially holstered.

Lastly, I also agree with practicing presenting the gun from concealment. Because you need to have finger discipline.

@MyNameIsMud @Rellik88 @pessimisticsteel @Heretohelpfats____ @z0m0 @fuck_reddits_feefees @Captian_Awesome

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Like the others have said, yes. Glock's safety is the trigger. Any holster you ever use should protect the trigger. There are 'safeties' in the gun that do not let it fire unless the trigger is pulled. Drop it, throw it on the ground, bang on it with a hammer (okay, that last one scares me a little, just because a good sledgehammer could mess up the internals), it will not go off.

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when I have to CC, I keep it appendix with one in the chamber.

Practice Practice Practice.

Keep that trigger finger off of the trigger, take you time with the draw.

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I had this motherfucker roll up on me with a pile of CDs. The German Shepherd in the backseat went feral, attacking the window and snarling. Until that moment the dog was sweet as a butterfly but one look at this guy and she goes full Cujo.

CD man gets pissed and threatens to shoot the dog. I pull over and report to the cops that there's a man in the middle of Fullerton and Western with a gun threatening people. I come back minutes later and there's no sign of him. Too bad, I was hoping for a pool of blood in the road.

I really doubt this guy had a gun. Doesn't matter of course, he was threatening

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threatens to shoot the dog

You had your chance to save the police some work.

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Bucktown is some rough hood. You watch your latte.

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Better reason to get criminals out of there

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whats a cd

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Crackpipe Diapensers

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Gun hand always clear. Always watch your surroundings.

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Gun hand was clear, gun was in the wrong place though. I believe I've just been converted to open carry so it's easily accessible.

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I'm a believer in concealed, but easy access is paramount.

Good thing is, you're fine and willing to examine what happened and what you can improve!

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Now, as an open carrier, you'll need to have greater situational awareness. Keep that head on a swivel. Perhaps you could convince your wife to conceal while you OC.

Alternatively, appendix carry and keep your gun hand free at all times.

Glad you are all right.

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Go ahead and say it...niggers!

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Yeah, niggers. I've been trying to clean up my act online. You don't know what'll happen in the future.

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I get it. I clean up my tracks from time-to-time. I was worried you might still be in denial, though.

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Also, I have a CHP because a nigger pulled a gun on me and I decided to never be a victim again.

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Plus it effects you in ways you are not consciously aware of. Other peeps vibe off you, they will know what's up.

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From Baltimore here and been robbed by niggers twice. My fault on the first one, had to take a piss and didn't realize they were looking for the stray (I was 19). Second was a robbery at a business. Niggers look for white strays to attack and rob...Go to an Oriole or Raven game and look at all the fucking monkeys hanging out looking for a victim when you leave the stadium. This CD crap is just begging.

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Unless you are John Wick if a van full pointing guns at you rolls up you could have it pre aimed and still not make it.

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Yeah a sidearm is not really enough protection when around niggers or areas with a high population of them. You would at a minimum need to dress as if you were in a war zone with a full armor kit. Niggers need to be removed

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Train the way you fight bud. It may not be how fast they rolled up it’s how fast you reacted. You have to have the training to go with the tool, and the first thing you need to train is your situational awareness. Find a local firearms instructor that teaches defensive carry classes, trust me the first time you do a force on force scenario you’ll be blown away by how fast things go when your adrenaline kicks in. You got the ccw, you got the gun, now you need to train train train.

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Yes, I have not done that yet. I see the need now.

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It’s expensive but when a critical incident happens you always fall back to your training. It’s crazy how the mind works.

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