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Raping a woman shames her privately.

Refusing to shake her hand shames her publicly.

Islam is about hatred and, hence, at its least violent retribution shaming.

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'tarush gamea' the name is becoming known in Europe, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3395390 Shocking Arabic Rape Game ‘Taharrush’ Has Made It To Europe & It’s Beyond ...this Taharrush a mass mob molestation rape game carried out by packs or hordes of islamics..... a mindset maybe closer to the old viking times of raider, rape, attack and looting?

islam is not to be understood it is to be 'categorized' @DrunkViking ... it is a confused violent 1400 yr old social system, a jihadist islamist way of life, perhaps even a war manual and their so called holy book...this 'the book' it is also a rule of Law putting this Mecca, al-Lah and muhammed above all things all laws all people. This islam it also calls the Quran or Koran the perfect book and those who criticize their book are met with jihadist war cries and death threats even violence and terrorism. I invite you to study these people, read translations of their writing and history and look and examine through history and science, look at other people across this world, some could be friends many unfortunately will be enemies. Personally I do not think islam can truly fit in Western style democracy, not in its current form, i lived in many places, some Christian, some Buddhist, some Atheist I looked into many religions and the key to understanding islam is the religion is a confused mess of contradictions. At the beginning this mohammad was something of an annoying peacher, some loudmouth who would not fuck off, he would keep ringing, keep knocking on the door, keep calling trying to see some shit religion in an area of the world which was once the melting pot of cultures, invaded by other foreign military powers and Arabia had many religions. The founder of islam mohammad, a man moslems believe a prophet becomes an extremist, he is a slavery man, burned and looted, terrorized and tortured, he took many wives and lied and cheated on his wives, he was at war with his own family and cousins, he was possibly mad and suffered fits, he was also a pedophile and molested Aisha, his favorite wife a 6 yr old girl. The religion of islam started to spread by way of the Sword !!

At the beginning of the Quran or Koran mohammad is an annoying preacher, he is thrown out of Mecca, he pays tribute to the old Gods of Mecca to try win favor...it once had 200 plus old gods or idiols...Mohammed later returns as a jihadist pedophile warlord like you see with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, he raises an army of camel jacker bandits and tortures, coverts and kills anyone who disagrees with his new religion. The true religion of islam may also lie outside the continuity of Jewish or Christian texts, it has plagiarized and stolen some passages but at the root of islam are Vedic, Hindu, Arab pagan and Babylonian roots. Muslims probably all unknowingly kiss the Dick or Penis of old Indian Hindu Death Gods, when muslims kiss the Black Stone as idol worship they kiss the Vagina and Anus of old Gods like Lord Shiva, the father of mohammed himself had a name calling himself a slave to the Moongod al-Lah. Indian culture at one time extended all the way to Arabia ...some debate to read? https://www.quora.com/Is-Kaaba-a-Shiv-Temple , http://the-militant-atheist.org/the-kaaba.html , https://ramanan50.wordpress.com/2016/05/06/vedic-practices-in-kaaba-islam/ , https://www.booksfact.com/religions/islamic-traditions-practices-origin-sanskrit.html ...more reading ? a writer Salman Rushdie wrote a book called The Satanic Verses in 1989, immediately a jihadist fatwa, or religious ruling, was issued calling for the death of Rushdie, Rushdie talked about a Moongod Al-Lat... the islamic world declared anyone can attack and kill Rushdie, collect a big prize and bounty and nobody will be jailed or prosecuted for this possible jihadist terroristic murder. Read up and islam yourself also read of the Hegra or Hijrah and learn of the concepts of Taqiyya, Al-tawriya, Kitman and Al-muruna...while your dumbass Western political elite like George Bush and Tony Blair call it a 'religion of peace'...or did they mean pieces, like a body part here, another body part over there? Ask yourself why the Western (((media))) narrative is controlled by the Euro elites, the Saudis and Israeli open borders types? that is not to say all muslims are violent or terrorists, some muslims do have good qualities despite islam, the islamic texts and teachings are bullshit just as communism is bullshit, just as the aztecs ran a violent bullshit empire and just as doomsday cults are bullshit, also islam is a belief system not a 'race' and any dumb fucker black, white, yellow or brown can be an islamist...as far as bullshit books go islam may be one of the worst ever made. One Christian historian asks ' Demon Possessed ' ? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=FywOhaY-GEA Mohammed himself believed he was possibly demon possessed, he suffered terrible fits, was going into spasms of epilepsy or maybe had these weird mental breakdowns as the went around the hot sands...

…none of the words wrote in the Quran or Koran are truly mohammad's, he was from an inbred Low IQ tribe who could not read or write he was however good at waging war, somebody else has wrote the words of the man moslems believe a prophet, it was passed on by oral spoken word until a follower with literacy skills could write it down, the book is a confused mix and amalgamation of Jew texts, Arab pagan texts, Hindu traditions, Christian stories, possible mix of Vedic, Zoroastrian and Pagan Arab beliefs, a possible reason why the book is so schizophrenic, it uses sometimes old Arabic difficult to understand...when moslems don't fully understand jihadist words of the Quran or Koran they are told to read other books like Hadith, Sunnah, Al-Bukhari. Hadith the more modern and more extreme versions...this mohammed, he at one time might have been non violent and possibly went more and more crazy sand in his ears traveling the scored sands around Mecca and Medina, mohammed thought he might have been demon possessed like he was maybe praying to some satanic monster and not praying to angels or Gods but some weird demonic moongod by modern standards he was violent, terroristic, greedy, criminal a man mentally-deranged, he thought 'Gabriel' might have been an imposter? perhaps a Jinn or Djin? islam the words of a terroristic mad man pedophile, mohammed raped animals, married his cousin, had sex with his dead aunt and molested and raped minors ...so why expect islam do make any kind of logical sense?

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Sentence and paragraph structure desperately needed!

I am not attacking you. I am not even commenting on your content. I am just saying that information is better received when it is delivered in short, digestible, and well structured ways with sources when appropriate.

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New gang rape term: Muslim handshake

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You coined the phrase.

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When two people shake hands, they consider eachother, at least to some extent, to be on the same level. It's a sign of respect where two people agree that despite all their differences, they are in some way on the same level. In (orthodox) islam, men and women can never be on the same level, so they should never shake hands. Furthermore, because men and women can never be on the same level, there is no problem with raping, especially non-muslim women.

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See, when people say things like this it bugs the hell out of me.

Two people don't meet with mutual respect, they meet with mutual neutrality. Shaking hands is an agreement that neither are threatened. It's actually an amazing way to relieve tension. I won't go in to the specifics about why exactly you're wrong, but you seem to have the wrong idea about this particular ritual and why it's enacted.

But, this is a perfect explanation for why it is sort of a weird thing for men and women to shake hands as they meet. Put simply, men are rarely threatened by women, especially when grown. Ever wonder why women always used to curtsy? It's because someone wouldn't have just looked at you weird if you approached their daughter, shook her hand, and initiated contact with her. In fact, you would likely have found very few men that wouldn't have just "defended" their daughter on the spot.

I know I'm sort of ripping the band-aid off here, but that's kinda my style. Things never used to be this way.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand and agree to some extent. I know there is a whole world of information on how, when, where, and why handshakes are used and how this information can be used to your advantage, but that's not what I'm talking about. My initial comment was specifically about current day-to-day standard practice, where people often shake hands regardless of how threatened they may be.

I wonder, when a woman introduces herself to you and extends a hand, do you think to yourself 'This woman wants me to undergo a ritual as an agreement that neither of us are threatened? I'm obviously not threatened because I'm a strong man and she's a weak woman. But for that same reason she should feel threatened, so I best not shake her hand.'? In social situations you can easily avoid such a situation from ever occurring by taking initiative. But you cannot all together avoid such a situation from ever occurring, you will be in a situation where a woman extends her hand to you and there will be a situation where there is no other respectful option then to shake her hand.

Furthermore I think we are pretty much saying the same thing in different wording. Because I didn't say people meet with mutual respect, I say when two people shake hands, they consider eachother, at least to some extent, to be on the same level (you can also describe this as some sort of mutual neutrality). And I say that what you call meeting with mutual neutrality is in its self a sign of respect as both people acknowledge or trust the other to meet them with mutual neutrality, which can be considered as an agreement that neither are threatened.

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It's because half of the Muslims out there are LITERALLY INBRED, and that tends to have a negative effect on their minds.

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It's got to be more than half, I think about 75% are inbred.

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I'm actually not using "inbred" as an insult (if that's relevant). I remember reading that roughly 50% of Muslims reproduce with people they're genetically related to (1st cousins, for example), and it causes chromosomal damage.....which does have a negative effect on their ability to think rationally.

This helps explain part of the reason why we see so much violence and madness in the Islamic world.

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Yea, a few years ago in the UK the NHS found that the then 3%of muslims were responcible for 30% of inbred deformities.

And in India they found that there was about 10-15 point difference in IQ from native indians to Muslim students, which for a white student would be like normal and retarded. Theres that big a difference.

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Protections against touching women only apply to Muslim women. Muslim women have no rights but non-Muslim women have negative rights.

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Because their dicks are even more filthy than their hands.

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In Islam women are merely cattle, respect is not a requirement.

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Because they don't wipe their own ass with their dicks?

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Those Semitic genes preclude that possibility

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