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I was saying this about a month ago. We didn’t used to fly the flag at half mast and declare a day of national mourning every fucking time some actor ODed.

Most of these dead fucks I’ve never heard of. Half the ones I have I’m thrilled Satan has finally called them home. I would have personally thrown gasoline on the flag and lit it for the opportunity to wrap them in it while they were still alive. It would have been a good and worthy goal our proud national symbol could serve.

Today having the flag at half mast is like your SJW Participation Trophy for having died.


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Interesting post. I have often felt this way since 911. It's even worse when places don't follow the rules on how to care for the flag and even forget to raise it after a mourning period ends.


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Or maybe the "mourning" part is plausible deniability and it's really just jews trying to gloat over how they're constantly attacking us.

It probably isn't, but if it came to light that it is, I wouldn't even twitch.


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I wouldn't either but you've got to admit how sad it is that we are so jaded to consider it. I guess it's the price we pay making up for so many others ignorance to the war being waged against us.


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It's the 24/7 news combined with "any tragic event in history, ever" fly it at half mast. 9/11 is an event worthy of it. A muslim running some people over in a truck isn't.


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There used to be standards about when the flag was lowered. Now it gets lowered because someone's aunt gets sick. Pathetic


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Funny, I was noticing the opposite where I live. I got so used to seeing it at half mast under Soetoro's admin that I was surprised to see it flying full mast most of the time now under Trump. I must live in an area that doesn't fly half mast for non heads of state and other significant deaths or events. Sorry to hear other areas are playing flag politics with Old Glory. Make noise and demand it be reserved for national purposes only.


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I get sad anytime I see the flag at half-mast. It seems the stories of Americans under attack are getting to be more frequent. Maybe it's a form of conditioning.


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Yeah, conditioning you to getting used to never seeing the flag flying again..


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Now that I think about it from this new perspective, it's kinda like kneeling to a bully after being bullied.


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Anybody remember those Terror Code Colors they used to scare the sheeple?

  • Severe (Red)
  • High (Orange)
  • Elevated (Yellow)
  • Guarded (Blue)
  • Low (Green)
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