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This is by far the most extreme dystopia video propaganda coverage of this event. Nearly every word is a lie or a hyperbole, just listen to what words he exaggerates and watch how they edit the video.

no fights among the protestors


If you watch Good Morning America, please find a gas oven immediately.

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That was insane. Paid propaganda at its finest.

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I was there. This is bullshit. Also they also fail to mention that all of the 4 arrests that they mention were on the counterprotesters side, and most occurred after the rally was over when the commie bastards refused to disperse and instead ran around the streets chanting "who streets? our streets!" and "blm!" all while fighting with the cops, but yeah I bet they left all that out on accident..

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ACd8MqpR6us :

Counterprotesters overwhelm 'Unite the Right' rally - YouTube

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