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During the revolutionary war there was a time when one or two people were left behind to make an area look like an active, populated camp at night. They did stuff like making noise and keeping multiple fires going.

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The old Gideon strategy.

Old school is best school.

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I didn’t know that, thanks for sharing!

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That would be one nerve racking task god dam.

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Not really. Before vehicles, trains, and planes, armies marched at the speed of the pack mules and wagons brining all of their food, ammo, and supplies. In other words, they moved really fucking slow, 20-30 miles a day was the most blistering pace a large army could do. On the other hand, a small band of men can carry enough supplies for a week on their backs, and move much faster than a large army trundling its way through the wilderness. The second they saw the enemy army coming they'll take off like a bat out of hell. Unless the enemy army has some cavalry prepped and ready to go, they're not going to catch them.

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Were there really 50,000 Antifa there? Jeez, that's a lot of BO and dyed hair.

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Should of been classified as a biological weapon with that and all the drugs and degenerate sexual acts that occurred before and after

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Best local area Starbucks single day-sales in a long time.

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Too bad the staff all took the day off!

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Also the most complaints

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There where around a thousand, and 30 supremacist. Either way it was a joke and the left media has nothing to go off besides showing how brave antifa is even though they where the only ones attack people.

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and the media just said shit like "white supremacists scatter after antifa shows up"

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They can't really scatter if not a lot even showed up to begin with. Hopefully this blatant bullshit wakes some people up. I know the Antifa rioting probably did.

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Found this being shared around Gab

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Where can I find some of these videos?

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post a hooktube please.

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Antifa is controlled opposition.

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So is unite the right

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Then what are we?

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Mr Panos: Genius genius genius

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An instant classic!

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All warfare is based on deception. -Sun Tzu

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"All warfare is based on deception." Said Master Sun Tzu

"What about warfare on deception itself?" Said the precocious student.

"Is it warfare?" Said the Master

"Yes, I suppose." Said the student

"Then no, of course not." Said Master Tzu

"I don't understand." Said the student

"I know" said the Master as he pulled the dagger from his former student's heart and dropped the lifeless corpse.

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and then when they think they have caught we all attend. 1 million men.

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