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I'm pretty sure everything bitchute does is in browser. If it was an installation your os would deliver a pop up warning.


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Thanks mate, I'll give it a try. My computer doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, but meh, it's better than nothing.


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web mining is totally safe

Except for very exotic proof of concept cacheline leaks of ram, javascript is TOTALLY safe historically and cannot see your screen and CANNOT touch your files, and CANNOT invade your computer!

IN THE FUTURE, after a few metrics tests, all non-paying customers will be forced to run WebTorrent Nodes (using WebRTC) sharing god-knows-what from your computer p2p, AND additionally if low bandwidth uploading , users will be forced to run a form of concurrency mining that works well in JavaScript (webassembly "Wasm").. not bitcoin, but other coin types.

Neither BitTorrent nor mining is forced to new users currently.

Currently bitchute is free for north americans and works mostly as good as youtube except limited types of resolutions and requires me to click a mouse to continue a video every 30 minutes or so.

To make people donate crypto via overpriced usa electricity (at a colossal net $ loss technically), they offer to split some of the money with you.

Basically, if you give them your personal details, you will get about 15 cents a month for every 100 dollars of electricity you burn up in a typical USA blue state once you go over your allotted electric base meter price. (except parts of tennesee, homes on agriculture rated land, homes affected by west coast dams, and other rare rare low electric exceptions)

Use "CryptoCompare's XMR mining calculator" for 10H/s, for typical non-apple pc wattage, of 0.00000013 XMR per minute.

For now, while young, bitchute deserves financial support, but knows it cannot yet enforce it via DOXXING PEOPLE WITH MONEY TRACKED USA financial payment instruments.

The saddest problem I have with bitchute is that to prevent antifa from uploading kiddie porn to attack it like they did false flagging all the image sites, they have a 5 dollar minimum upload policy to upload a single video for a month.

Bitchute NEEDS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET IT TO ONE DOLLAR for the first month of a LOW LOW VOLUME USAGE USER. All the people I know that use youtune for their hobby clubs with under 14 viewers will never ever try it at 5 bucks to prevent the kiddie porn antifa attack.

Maybe 5 dollars for 3,000 views and xxx minutes, and far less after 3 months of no kiddie porn antifa tricks?


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Thanks mate, I'll give it a shot. I'm in China at the moment, and will probably be renting in a sharehouse in Australia soon (fixed utility costs).


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it is in the browser. I have to check on mine periodically because it will stop once a day or so.