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He seems to bring the tokens in specifically to be "inclusive", and then lets them destroy themselves.

It's a redpill. Here is what happens if you bring in a token...

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People knew she was a moron from the start. So did he. Tyrone off the street would have worked as a "Red Pill". Hell, someone competent could have simply been picked out and then set up to fail all to look like a moron. But that's not how it played out. At the end of the day the only one looking like the moron is the one who put her there. If you didn't know Omarosa was retarded and a complete joke to bring into the WH you either didn't know who she was or you're not quite functioning at capacity (it's worse than putting Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton as your "African American Correspondent"). Hell, lets put the guy who plays Dr. House on TV in as the Minister of Health or whatever the fuck it's called. The US is truly upside down.