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What a fucking traitor. Fucking tokens always get away with extra bullshit because of their victim status.

Jail that treasonous bitch.

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Is she the moron or is Trump for bringing a token nigger who was a universally hated fuck-up from his show to the WH? Someone who was only there because she drove ratings like "Cash Me Ousside Girl" on Dr. Phil? Or maybe are they both?

Was I really the only person in the world asking "WTF?" when I heard that horse-faced cunt was being given a position in the White House?

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He seems to bring the tokens in specifically to be "inclusive", and then lets them destroy themselves.

It's a redpill. Here is what happens if you bring in a token...

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people who arent following the show will freak out and cry dictator the second something like this happens.

critical mass needs to be achieved first among the people. hence Q

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hence... what??

Trump's an idiot and brought universally hated token nigger Amarosa on board to the WH. Bitch fucks up again, as she was notorious for doing on the show, hence q.

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oh, Q is because of one person who was a white house staffer? thats disappointing. Everyone is all riled up about Q for nothing then, or perhaps it is you who is wrong as to what Q is doing

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She was the leak to the press. She is one of the untouchables to the libtards as a dead source. The administration fired her for lack of integrity. Playing the race card was all she had left.

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I still dont see how she will not be prosecuted for taking secret recordings inside the White House as it's undeniable now because she leak the tapes to the news

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Pussy Pass: granted

Race Card: played

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Fucking sooty jigga cunt.

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They were talking about it on the radio this morning. The news organizations who are airing the recordings should also face legal consequences, which includes the death penalty for treason.

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They need to make an example out of her for doing this. If they don't others will start to record conversations as well as an insurance policy or for future bargaining chip. This is one of the most outrageous things I have heard, recording conversations in the White House is a huge National Security risk.

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Never gonna happen. Pussy pass, spic pass, AND anti-Trump pass.

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Holy fuck don't be idiots.

Why does Mueller still have a job? Rod Rosenstein? Jeff sessions? How did the FBI get away with invading the president's lawyer's office? Why wasn't Cohen disbarred for releasing recordings of his Client? Why was a mistress/pornstar of the president's in the national news?

Because its all a sham. Every single one of those people are and have been minions of Donald Trump.

The drama in the news, the "Fake" news, its all propaganda, and it is all sponsored by Donald Trump.

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Because Obama is still the President Of The United States