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Want 120 million american men to burn with a passionate hatred for jews? Wake them up to the evils of circumcision and how its sole purpose is to make sex and masturbation feel as awful as possible for them, and that it is ENTIRELY because of jewish lies that they were robbed of up to 90% of the nerve endings in their dicks. This video explains it all. Learn it, spread it to every man you know, the hatred will fill the atmosphere.

[–] jewd_law 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I'm with you 1000% on this brother! I was a victim of (((circumcision))) myself. The only non-violent answer the people of this country need to agree on is to expel them ALL for the 110th time. Have everyone take a blood test and if there is any percentage of kike genes, kick em out. They will always shill for the tribe no matter how hard they ostensibly claim to be for the goyim.

And support Patrick Little any way you can. He's the only one out there speaking out about this stuff.

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A one way ticket to Israel for all of them. If they wont go, round them up with the military and air drop them over there. I'm against the genocidal option a lot of people on this site wish for. But neither option will ever happen unless you get enough people worked up enough to want to do something, and a mans dick is his pride and joy which is why i feel this topic is the straw that will break everything in to action.

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You dont have to kick them out. Just ban Orthodox Judaism and apply racial discrimination laws to them. Attack their nepotism, attack their religion. Any Jew that has applied for, or is an Israeli citizen has to go, shit even if they own property there they need to gtfo.

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{{{Submit your DNA}}}

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It's way more fun than that. Traditionally before they suck the penis and the blood the mohel rips off the foreskin using his sharpened fingernails. Nothing says no pain or psychological trauma after better than that.

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dont eat them they might infect you thats tainted meat

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I closed that video when I got to the "As a white man I had so much privilege." then a minute later "I was raised as a jewish boy"

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then you missed the whole thing where he blames everything on jews with passionate anger in his eyes. you want jews out of your country, continue watching the damn video, its the fastest way its gonna happen

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Yeah, this video is not for us. But it seems to wake normies up

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I assume that you posted a youtube link...It doesn't display. You have to post the hooktube version. It's stupid but it's like that.