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If it gets Jamal and Jose to become low-skilled workers instead of getting my bike for Christmas, I am all for it. I obviously have reservations of any program that gets lauded after some initial token success.


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In anarcho-capitalist Medieval Iceland, you earned a right for compensation in $$$ when attacked or stolen from. You could then coerce the nigger into giving it, then he's family (legal defensive pacts were made up from individual through relations) or allied families would have to pay, or they can just sell his head instead since he's too much of a cost lel (you could murder people so long as you paid the restitution, instead of prison time).

If you couldn't do it. There's a number of profiteers who will pay you in exchange for title to that right to compensation. You pretty much get = right to compensation - their expected cost at collecting it.


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Basically a bookie selling his debts to Guido.