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No photo of it, but wasn't there clinton's plane flying as well?

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It unfortunately got missed in the news due to that other guy. I'll see if I can find some vid's or photo's of it. Something about Clinton to you say?


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To give but one example of journalists lying and people dying, in 1991, the media repeatedly failed to show pertinent footage that showed Rodney King charging the police, which would have put his subsequent beating into more context. When 2 of the 4 police officers were acquitted, 63 people died in the ensuing 1992 riot.

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"Here's content you missed on that other submission but I'm not going to tell you what the other submission was because"

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You missed out on that? o_0 Here's one of the submissions about it.


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https://tweetsave.com/punishedgoose/status/1028038612628238336 :

WildGoose on Twitter: "Aerial banner reading "JOURNALISTS LIE PEOPLE DIE #MAGA" flew over the crowds at the Michigan International Speedway this afternoon.… /k1GDPje8rI"

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