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Okay, so you mean in terms of the internet. I wholly agree, we are going to hit an internet crisis very soon, much sooner than I thought growing up. The wild west days are nearly over for the net. Rather than shut it off, I think they'll just keep manipulating it until it's basically a propaganda machine on the scale of NK's channel you can't shut off or the similar things in 1984, except worse: its all that, but integrated in the infrastructure that forms the backbone of our society itself. I took your gun part to mean you think the next civil (or revolutionary war) will be soon, and that's what I think Trump has pushed back... I cannot imagine what the US would look like now if Hillary won. We are just now getting back to some normalcy and think how much nonsense Trump has already done, slashing budgets and scuttling conglomo-beurocracies. I think some of these trade things are a little much for now, but we actually stopped the free flow of people from Islamic terror states. We are actually getting the wall! Our own interests are being considered, and hopefully people will learn to be happy and grateful instead of angry and guilty. Nobody should have to feel guilty for not screwing themselves over on others account... I think this is the transition that will spark a lot.

Let's make this wiki happen... Some pandas python scripts to scrape federal and state government sites take care of a lot of it. Google maps can be mined to track where food, fuel, supplies, etc. are. I wonder if 1800digrite has an API... We could even mirror the power grid. We can even pull sex offender data, and possibly even map out where lots of section 8 or other things where we might expect more chaos to ensue during scarcity. (Some people need it though, especially elderly, so this could also be used for altruistic purposes). Law enforcement, fire, and civil servants could be mined too.

I think ultimately we are going to see a new internet pop up if this keeps up. A separate information infrastructure. TOR comes to mind, but I'm cynical. If normal stuff moved that way, it could catch on but let's be frank: it's the child porn/drug infrastructure right now.


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I took your gun part to mean you think the next civil (or revolutionary war) will be soon

I think it'd be more of a purge. Any "race war" would be over in a week, tops. Any "civil war" would take a month, maybe.

If the internet goes out, the autists are in the streets; Fight Club "we keep you safe" monologue comes to mind, though I doubt the ones in power would be spared.