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I've met two preppers in my life .. both of them depended on living with and living off of their parents to become preppers.

One freaked out when his mom married someone else moved out and now he had to take over the mortgage, so he no longer preps. He gave up on it .

The other one " I'm a prepper" and this one I saw first hand completely lost it when shtf. Didn't know what to do and spent thousands of dollars running his generator for 6 months . For the first 2 or 3 months ran the generator for about 10 hours a day then when the internet came back ran the generator for 15 hours a day. His parents downstairs got their house backfed so they paid to have the attached upstairs house backfed too so the whole house was running for that long. Upstairs not downstairs.

Freaked out in the beginning because gas stations for 3 towns had run out of gas so decided to siphon gas from his parents van. So much of a prepper he didn't siphon like you or I might have.. no ran down to the hardware store and bought a siphon kit ha. Didn't work only got 3 gallons out of it , van had a safety feature on it. So no not a prepper. He put a good show on Facebook but hahahaa I know the truth.

The real question you have to ask yourself is if you have the mental fortitude to deal with the shtf scenario and most won't know until faced with it.

Also you can't afford to be a shut in, you need to be already a part of your community whether it be a small town or a larger community you need to already be "in" with them.

One more I mentioned this in a post before .. you need to know the subhumans and illegals in your area they are more of an asset than you think they might be.