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People actually fertilize and water their lawns? Are you kidding? What a fucking waste of resources, you might as well throw dollar bills into an ocean. Aside from mowing it, there should be no maintenance on your lawn. If you need lawn maintenance, that tells you that Mother Nature decrees the proclamation of "this area is not for these plants and they are not worthy to grow here." If you get brown spots on your lawn from the plants drying out, LET THEM. They'll be replaced by something far better adapted to the environment, it's simple natural selection.

It's like throwing food and money at niggers in order to prop up their unsustainable population. If you kick out that crutch and they fall, that tells you they didn't deserve to be where they were in the first place.

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I know, how dare people want to have the outside appearance of their home look good! What a bunch of niggers! Taking pride and taking care of what they own! What a nigger thing to do!

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You do understand that everybody doing this will cause problems with runoff? You can make the your home look good without being a dick to the environment and water table from which you drink.

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You're right, but many, many things exist that have no reason to, and people will pay out the arse for them. Luxury handbags come to mind.

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Turned off the water to my lawn in Colorado, and the landlord got mad. He proved it by showing that our monthly water usage was only 5,000ga, whereas the average monthly usage for houses on our street was 20,000ga per month

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Take advantage of the situation, create a lawncare biz and make bank

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I read somewheres that short grass was important for the defense of old European castles but form follows function and people wanted to live like the rich guy in the castle so everyone started cultivating grass lawns to match.

One interesting alternative is the idea of an herbal lawn. E.g., chamomile is supposed to be really low maintenance, comfy on bare feet and smell great when you occasionally have to mow.

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The government actively promoted that whole mindset so that they could create demand for the fertilizers. If you live in a warmer climate you can replace your lawn with perennial peanut. It's very striking in the summer. There are tons of perennial herb plants that look just like traditional landscape plants. Rosemary can be easily turned into topiary and hedges. There are tons of fruiting and low care permaculture plants that look great in the landscape. Black Beauty Elderberry for instance is beautiful and edible. There are a number of native plum species. Some have been hybridized to european ones. There's always the Pindo palm which is hardy surprisingly far north. For easy care flowers, try Old Garden roses, in particular Earth Kind Roses that were researched by Texas A and M. I have more flowers than anybody in my subdivision. Tea plants will grow very easily all over the south and are a slightly less fancy version of the Camellias you see in cemeteries all over the south. Pomegranates and figs are both easy to grow, and the flowers on the pomegranates are very nice. If you hate gardening, grow an edible cactus, like the non prickly, prickly-pear cactus.

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Huh, never considered peanuts before. Thanks for the idea!

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Chamomile is also a natural remedy for menstrual pain due to stimulating the release of progesterone, a hormone that also helps relive the urination issues that comes from being an older man.

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Gotta get the right kind of chamomile, Roman. Doesn't have to be mown, it won't ever grow above a thick lawn height. Plus it's evergreen and drought tolerant.

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Clover, which takes nitrogen from the air and deposits it in the earth where your grass can use it, was an accepted, even encouraged part of lawns until the early fifties. It only acquired its weed status because the earliest broad-leaf 2,4-D herbicides killed it off along with the dandelions.


Clover is easy to maintain at a certain height and doesn't grow out of control like grass. It doesn't require fertilizer and is excellent for the soil since it naturally adds nitrogen. Clover is also edible for humans and pets and can used to make things like tea and stuff. Fresh young clover actually has a very mild, but sharp bite to it.

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Not to mention, it makes bees happy!

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That's all fine and dandy unless (((lawyers))) from the homeowners association sue you over it. There was someone in the news a while back that was doing gardens in their front yard and the city fined them or was going to fine them because they thought it was ugly.

Couple that with the tyranny of you can't collect rainwater in some areas and we should have been lynching and burning politicians alone for that in my opinion.

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These are usually things people are aware of when moving into nice neighborhoods, some of them are upper class and require you to stay within a framework as far as housing styles, keeping your yard tidy etc. It's like a uniform but for the neighborhood if that makes sense.

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It's a huge pile of epicycles to try and achieve what a sign saying "no niggers" used to accomplish just fine.

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Couple that with the tyranny of you can't collect rainwater in some areas and we should have been lynching and burning politicians alone for that in my opinion.


If you buy a house, you should be able to do what you want to it, provided it doesn't disturb other people (3am rock concerts), etc.

If they want to have a "home-owners association" or absolute control over what you do, then those people can buy all those houses, and rent them out to people on a long term basis.

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Grow both. Kids need to run fool

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Very true, which is why I dont grow food in my front lawn to be honest

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clover is still a better idea. Better for soil if ya DO have to quickly start growing your own food. And...more comfy to walk on.

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Thats what the street is for fool. :)

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If you're a nigger.

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I’m a fan of the Japanese rock garden. Next to zero maintenance (pull a few weeds) and in my opinion it looks better than a lawn.

My bias may be because I once owned (two years) a small lawn-care business. That’s hard work. Fuck that shit.

Also the water thing. What a waste of energy and money pumping water to your house so you can throw it on the ground....?

If you think about it, it’s really stupid....., especially if you pay some dude to come over and cut your retarded lawn.

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Grass lawns are a holdover from England traditions. There are lots of people in my neighborhood who have gardens instead of grass. When you see a really great one, you wonder why we all don't do it

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Time/effort/education. That's why they don't do it, not knocking them for it. I just fucking love growing shit.

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Jews love their lawns

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