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Close... there are no nations built by blacks at all! Every "nation" in Africa was built by Whites. The natural state of Africans is a stone age tribal society. A few agrarian, most still hunter-gatherer... without basic inventions like writing or the wheel, and constantly at war with each other. No nation can exist in that state, it just isn't possible.

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Could that mean that the negro race is the youngest of all the races out there? Seeing how they have not past the stages of being hunter-gatherers while others have long before them. They're still a very primitive group of people.

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I don't think the age of the race has anything to do with the general success of that race. I think there is such a thing as a "savage nature", and savages are simply incapable of building anything resembling civilization.

Africa isn't the only incredibly resource rich, massive place where its indigenous population was too retarded to invent a wheel. Look at North America, pre-colonization. The Native Americans were still in the fucking stone age, despite living in one of the most forgiving climates on earth with access to literally every resource they could possibly need. They hadn't even managed to make use of solid structures like mud huts.

Maybe there's a "savage gene" of some kind that is present in all brown people. Some of those brown people may be able to suppress that savagery and actually be contributing members of society (the White man's society, of course), but the vast majority have that savage streak in them.

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True. A community returning to its "natural state" of village level organization isn't a collapse, it's a regression to the mean.

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What hurts most is that they can take a successful nation - Rhodesia, South Africa - and simply destroy it.

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Nobody stopped them from building the wheel. Whites couldn't do much in Africa till the invention of malaria meds.

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I know this has been said before, but it must still be emphasized that Egypt was white.

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we wuz not egyptians and shieet. They are related to modern copts . They looked just like modern east africans. They depicted themselves as having copper skin ,not white or black. I dont know why people are ao obsessed with claiming ancient egypt

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Yeah, they were conquered by the Greeks and Romans many times so people just assume because their rulers were European, so were the people.

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Not exactly. There's more flavors than white and black.

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Pretty sure France just won a world cup


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But what about.....

Fuck...you're right

Stupid nigeroids

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If blacks in the USA want to be serious about what they talk about this is the route they need to take. The fact is that the USA and the world will gladly support a back-to-Africa movement to an extent that would blow your mind. If the EU was able to fund Ireland long enough to restore some prosperity, imagine what 100 times the resources could achieve in a black nation. Put them on the spot and let them do it - the only caveat is they have to commit to the job, and sever their American identities. Without that, failure is assured.

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Someday the "first world" is going to have to accept that the "third world" exists exactly as it is meant to. Forcing an African people to live exactly as a European people is the proverbial forcing of the black peg into a round hole, and will achieve disappointment as a result always.

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