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I don't have a link to the actual study and I don't feel like looking it up right now, but there was a study done that showed that leaving kids in cribs to cry flipped some of their DNA leading to negative behavioral issues later in life such as a proclivity to violence. Fuck it I'll do a quick DDG search.

Edit: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/moral-landscapes/201112/dangers-crying-it-out

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This is true. But the problem was not the crib, which has been in use for centuries. The problem was ignoring the baby's cries.

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AKA Nigger parenting and sometimes it actually involves abusing them for crying.

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Then there's the issue of being told that if a baby is crying in it's crib, to let it cry or it will be dependant on you.

From OP's text wall. I wasn't arguing that cribs were bad, but that people receive horrible and damaging advice in regards to raising their children.

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"flipped their DNA" dude come on how gullible can u be?

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Gene expression is a thing.

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also 100 baby boys die from circumcision everyear too!

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SIDS is real, and I remember reading how the cases decreased dramatically after they started making recommendations to lower the chances. The recommendations make sense, they are all to decrease the chance of the baby suffocating.

But we did everything you're not supposed to at some point or another, like fall asleep holding the baby. And eventually realized that if we wanted to sleep, we'd have to share our bed. (The crib was always in our room, but that wasn't enough.) I feel awful saying this, but I eventually came to the conclusion SIDS is natural selection. If the kid can't wake up and change position because it's suffocating, well, what chance did it have? (Sorry.)

As for cry it out, what a fucking load of bullshit. Its been awhile since I had a baby, they seriously still recommend that? This is were I can agree it seems like a way to prevent parents from bonding. That advice was awful, "if the baby cries to the point they vomit, clean it up in a detached way and quickly leave the room again," what the fuck?

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Yes, there are probably children who die from SIDS. No one is saying that kids don't die, but is it along the same lines as we must get rid of guns because the murder rate is high, even though they leave off that 90% of murders are committed by niggers? For example, some nignog gets drunk and rolls over in the night on top of her baby and kills it, is that part of the statistic? What about a nigger simply suffocating the child because it cried to much or shit itself, then she says they were just sleeping and it died, is that a SIDS statistic?

Ask yourself this, how often do you just randomly roll over in the night and fall out of your bed? I have never done this as an adult, so why would I randomly roll over and suffocate my child without even noticing?

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When you sleep with a baby in the bed, you sleep lighter. I would never go to bed drunk. If I drink I go sleep on the couch. Bed sharing is such a great bonding experience. My 5 year old still likes to take naps with me.

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Only drunks and druggies smother their babies, the rest of SIDS deaths are covering female murder.

Don't wrap your kid either, they need to move and stretch just like you.

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Niggers either get tired of their babies or get high/drunk and roll over on them. It's not like people generally roll out of their beds and hit the floor at night. I certainly never have. It's like gun statistics, 90% of murders are by niggers, but they make it sound like guns are the problem.

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It's ok to let the baby be fussy for a second, sometimes within 30 seconds or so they'll self soothe and calm down. But if their whimpers turn to louder whimpers, then sniffles then cries. Go to your baby. It's important that they know they're not alone in the world.

The whole medical system is meant to destroy the parents bond with their child. MGM, letting them "cry it out", etc... are leading causes of childhood anxiety.

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My sister nearly died in her crib. She turned blue and needed cpr. After that she always slept on my mom, my mom was so freaked out. On the other hand, I was left to nap in bed with my dad and when my mom came back in he had rolled on top of me. I was suffocating and would have died if she had walked in even a few moments later.

It's situational. You can't say that just because something happened to one person it's always going to happen that way every time in all possible scenarios.

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Was your dad drunk? Who rolls over on someone? I've never accidentally rolled out of bed either. You obviously wouldn't remember anything, maybe you just had shit parents.

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No. My dad never drinks. He wasn't exactly a natural parent though. I wouldn't say he was a shit parent, but he had a terrible example in his own father. Made him distant. Didn't know what to do with daughters either beyond teaching us to fish and coaching our ball team.

I've heard that men are more prone to roll over on infants than women. There have been deaths. Don't know how true it is that it is usually the father, never studied the statistics, but my infants were never placed beside my husband. He wouldn't wake if a car crashed through the room.

Edit: i used to roll out of bed all the time when I was little. Once from a top bunk.

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Overheating is also a cause of SIDS. Those plastic diapers overheat your baby. Boys get their reproductive organs damaged from this overheating. Use cloth diapers with exchangeable inlays.

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They don't really make those anymore. But the new modern cloth diapers are awesome. We used bumgenius diapers.

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Me and my wife bed share with are first and now our second. My wife stays home while I work and the baby is with mommy all day. I agree with you.

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