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They must have used same video surveillance company Paddock's hotel used.

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First I laughed then I felt sad.

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..and Sandy Hook

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It takes years to het high quality instruments like that made. It’s an art form and there aren’t enough people making them. A friend of my from Boston had the same thing happen at his apartment. It took at least 2 years to get a new bassoon. In the meantime, the philharmonic was short a bassoonist and he was out the pay.

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The orchestra wouldn't allow him to play a loaner until he had a new one made? He went 2 years without income?

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It wasn’t his main job. Maybe they let him use a loaner. It didn’t sound like it, but that was a couple of years back so I could be wrong.

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where you gonna unload a 100k cello without raising suspicion? I'm sure the word is out.

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Dumb fuck probably doesn't know the price, he will sell it for 150 bucks in Hell.A

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Probably insurance fraud, to be a musician who can afford these instruments you have to already be wealthy or in a gross amount of debt.

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This musician had a pretty impressive resume.

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only fraud if youre a shit musician, you reported it falsely stolen.

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How do you swipe a fucking cello? This isn't a standard violin, it's a big, bulky and conspicuous instrument. It'd be easier to steal a whole fucking suitcase.

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stay in a hotel multiple days?

Do not allow maids in your room, tell the front desk you do not want cleaning on check in. Often you get rewards for that, and keep the do not disturb sign up.

Seriously I've had dirty socks and underwear stolen and didn't notice until after I did laundry. Used to travel a lot for work, A good several months on the road with hotels everyday.

Second it's incredibly easy to get a room key from the front desk.

so if the maids had nothing to do with the theft it was someone they knew that went and did it.

Reading the article it went missing between 8 and 9 pm, making the maids free and clear for it to happen during regular cleaning hours.

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I stay in a hotel for 2 nights every fortnight, but that's in China and we never get problems like that.

When we went to US we did route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, we stayed in many hotels every night: from motel 6, to holiday in (depending on what was available). The only time we had something go missing (stolen), it was in LA. They stole my wife's WOODEN Buddhist(?) bracelet thing, and I did see the cleaning staff while I was walking around: they were all mexican/hispanic.

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I got it.

Building me a Cello-C130 variant now, using scraps in my yard. $72

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She should have stayed at a holiday inn express.

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when did the abbreviation for one thousand switch from k to g? I must have missed it.

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I'm assuming "g" is short for "grand," slang term for "a thousand dollars" according to Merriam-Webster. I do agree that "k" would have been a better choice.


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I know it is short for grand. I'm just saying that "k" is the shorthand for one thousand, not "g". "Journalists" today.

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