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I love that some of them were put right next to Rob Reiner’s star. That is hilarious. I bet Meathead hates that.

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As always, it was probably a /pol/loc

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https://archive.fo/vMpPD :

Fake Donald Trump stars pop up on Hollywood Walk of Fame | Daily Mail Online

"Fake stars bearing Donald Trump's name have popped up on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after his original one was vandalized."

'A conservative street artist placed as many as 50 bogus Trump stars on the Walk of Fame on Thursday. ', "The West Hollywood City Council on Monday unanimously approved a resolution seeking the removal of Trump's star."

'The council has no jurisdiction over the Walk of Fame in neighboring Hollywood, and voted only to urge the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which runs the attraction, to remove it. ', "We thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a joke, but I'm pretty sure it's real."

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This plan was discussed on /pol/ there's site x-over, but pol gets the credit this time.

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I read it was the street artist named Sabo. Not sure he is on Voat, but he's been a guest on Alex Jones before.

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Link? thanks for the info.

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Ha. And I though the mini border wall was genius.

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Drool it was @bosunmoon

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I was drunk with power. No wait I was just drunk.

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The suspicion is that Trump ordered the vandalism himself because he only likes six-pointed stars.

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