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The guy at the counter noticed, told him it was a tip jar, and this motherfucker takes one of the dollars he just took out of it and sticks it back in.

How is that a fucking mistake?

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I got halfway through and had to stop reading because I couldn't stop puking. What a pathetic faggot. Reading this is exactly like what I imagine reading the internal monologue of a beta kike would sound like. "wahh every body hates me.. it's all their fault though.... mehh wahhh its because Im just such a kooky weirdo.. hue hue meh wahh...I'm so smarmy and snarky they just can't keep up wahh meehhh... oh no they caught me stealing quick wife defend me! wahhhhhh"....... pretty much that

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Holy fuck is that really him?

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With a nose job you could not tell. Pale, blue eyes.

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His mouth would still have that Streisand-like inflection point, the crook in the middle.

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fucking liar

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Me, a thief? I felt terrified to be at the beginning of a Kafka story. But if I’m going to be brutally honest about it, I also felt … secretly vindicated in my irrational yet unshakeable beliefs that

  • the laws of probability are broken, capricious horribleness reigning supreme over the universe,
  • I’m despised by a large fraction of the world just for being who I am, and
  • it’s only a matter of time until big, scary armed guys come for me, as they came for so many other nerdy misfits.

I almost wanted to say to the police: where have you been? I’ve been expecting you my whole life. And I wanted to say to Dana: you see?? see what I’ve been telling you all these years, about the nature of the universe we were born into?

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This is a great example of how a jew writes, because it is a bit more exaggerated than how they usually do it. The actual fact of the matter is, he stole 3 dollars from a tip jar, which is a petty crime which deprives somebody of their hard-earned money. Somehow he manages to turn it into a sob-story about 'capricious horribleness reigning supreme over the universe' and the big bag (armed, lol) guys coming for him. He takes this issue which he caused himself, blows it completely out of proportion, and turns himself into the victim while distracting from the core of the issue with fancy allegories and metaphors.

Truly, how evil is this cosmos, where theft gets punished? What is the nature of this horrible universe where a jew can't steal 3 shekels from a tip jar? The evilness! The vileness! The absolute persecution!

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he stole 3 dollars from a tip jar,

He pocketed 4 dollars and change, from a cup, after paying with a debit card.

After the first exchange with the clerk about the tip cup, he places a dollar in the same cup he took the money out of.

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In other news, two nigger cops behaved like rude niggers. Perspective is everything.

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I read this quote first, and I thought it was a dramatic retelling of the article. But this is verbatim! It's full of Woody-Allen style quotables, but I really liked the self-righteousness of this one:

I’ve asked myself: how do you live in a world where, again and again, you can choose the hard right path over the easy wrong one, and then see your choice gleefully wielded against you?

Also the long paragraph where he calls finding anybody other than himself, including his child, to blame for his problem, while calling it a "self-help technique." LOL!

The culture warriors in the comments offended on behalf of "people without a voice" against the cops just put an icing on it all.

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I also only read about 15% of this story, not really interested in going down the jew-well on this, but from what I got of it:

  • Absent-minded professor type Jew stumbles and bumbles his way through life (oy vey) and accidentally steals from a tip jar.
  • Gets caught, insists that he be judged on his intentions rather than his actions but still gets treated as a criminal (oy vey x2)
  • Zero self-awareness, baked-in entitlement and has learned nothing from the ordeal.

I disagree with most here, in that YES he probably did accidentally steal this money, Jews like this are notoriously lacking common sense especially in a situation like an airport when they are feeling pushed around and rushed... it's quite entertaining to see Jews act like this and seems stereotypically 'jewish'; think of your Woody Allen-type complaining, kveteching, neurotic type and you have a good idea of what I'm talking about.

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Oh yeah sure, I think back at ALL THE TIMES MY CHANGE WAS GIVEN TO ME IN A PLASTIC CUP, and I see your point.

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Add in his college students kissing his ass in the comments.

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I stand corrected. That is the kikiest shit that has ever been jewed.

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Dude I told you guys Jews are schizophrenic in huge numbers.

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