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I'm very surprised they didn't put in a white person

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I'm surprised they think their target audience can read.

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They should have put a big red x across it

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First thing I thought as well. Someone should make them aware of the racist implications of this and make sure this is replaced.

...which would only fuel the fire.

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Fucking white male college students pooping everywhere and raping women of color.

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Possibly shooped?

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this is from Canada? I doubt it. We wouldn't let anything like this get produced in PC land.

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They cant read so this will backfire as they think thats ok to do it there.

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If you can't read it, and don't know better... it probably looks more like it is advertising that this is a great place to shit with a nice view...

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I hope that you are right and this ends up being an epic backfire which leaves Canada's beaches as a minefield of brown redpills.

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Was gonna say the same thing. "No speakie english, so I do what picture shows!"

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Preferably poison ivy....

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Thought it was a joke. Nope, it's our New Reality

Diplomats fretted about Canadian funding for Ghana outdoor defecation campaign By: Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press Posted: 07/31/2018 2:04 PM | Comments:

Tweet Post Reddit ShareThis Print Email TORONTO - Canadian diplomats felt the need to justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign aimed at reining in outdoor defecation in Ghana amid questions over the use of development money, internal documents reveal.

The public health sanitation project included a large, graphic billboard showing people squatting on a beach with the slogan, "Beaches are not toilets — Don't do it here." A government of Canada mark is strategically placed at the bottom alongside the logos of the Ghanaian government and of the UN aid program, UNICEF.

Documents obtained under access to information laws show the Canadian end of the file went quiet after the project launch in Ghana last fall until May, when a photograph of the billboard began circulating on social media.

"Canada is paying for signs in Ghana that tell people not to s--t on the beach," a user by the handle of Karoumi tweeted in late May along with a photograph of the anti-defecation poster. "This is not a good use of our tax dollars."

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What a spectacular waste of money. Tell niggers living in a shithole not to be niggers and treat their country like a shithole. Talk about putting the cart before the horse here.

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You miss the point: these virtue signaling sob's use these programs to siphon public funds. They can't steal without expenditures.

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the great canadian racial purge is coming closer by the day.

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Day of the Hockey Stick?

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Who knew Canadians were such beach-shitters? Do they wipe with sand?

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Canada has a lot of offshore territories in Africa and the Caribbean. It's just not widely acknowledged.

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Did Turks and Caicos sign on? There was a debate about that when I lived up there about 15 years ago.

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Nah, it's the Trudeau gov sending money abroad to finance these type of "humanitarian" advertisement in partnership with the UN.

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Say no more.....in partnership with the un... UGH

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With leaves

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Remember when Canada was nice? When you had the Anglophones, the French and a smattering of Ukrainians? We're never going back to that. I can't believe they fucked it up because it was the best country with the best people on earth.

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Be honest, french canadians are the worst peope on Earth.

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French Canadians are some of the loveliest people on Earth when you understand them. They're proud of their culture. They were under the thumb of both the Anglos and the Catholic Church for years. They avoid big banks in favor of caisses populaires (credit unions) because they know what bankers are like. Their Quiet Revolution, which no one heard about outside Canada, got a shit ton done in a very short time. Check out what this gent, who just passed, got done in five years in terms of education reform.

If California had a guy like that, with passion and vision (and most importantly honesty), this place wouldn't be such a fucking shithole. Instead we have nigs and spics trying to sell their influence in the education space. They are fucking things up more than ever. French Canadians put their backs into things. They get shit done. They take pride in their culture and stand up for what they believe in. We could all learn a lot from them, especially now that the media has essentially declared war on whites.

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This is what you wanted, Justin Trudump

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That's because he's one of "them". Goes to the khan for his quarterly mk ultra brainwashing and then comes back and appears in the gay pride parade, as well as allowing illegal migrants to enter the country, who immediately get health care and hotel room. Never before has such an imbecile run Canada.

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