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Thanks for your (((opinion))) on male genital mutilation. All i see are a repetition of debunked or exaggerated arguments with a whole crapton of strawman / ad hominem arguments. I particularly love how being against circumcision, according to (((you))), means one is a mouth breathing simpleton... only the enlightened are savvy and awesome enough to understand the (((benefits))) of male genital mutilation.

Face it rabbi, your days of having this shitty religious practice being adopted as a mainstream medical norm are running out. People are waking up to your horseshit. Pretty soon the only folks you will have left on your side will be your fellow merchants and a few porn addled gentiles.

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Again, an awesome reply. Nice one!

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Wrong, retard.

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Nice retort. Any comments on male genital mutilation?

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It is though. Unless it's one of those rare cases where it won't retract for an erection and is painful. Then yeah slice it, with anesthesia and take just enough to make it functional. Taking it all without painkillers is cruel and unnecessary.

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You have to admit though that a jew sucking a babies dick is at the least weird AF

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How much of my natural body has to be bitten or sliced off before it becomes mutilation, Rabbi Shlomo?

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I am not going to fall in your berating game here.

If you have medical and scientific justifications for stating your "facts" please provide them. I will gladly take a look on those.

However so far you sound like a childish and immature poor soul.

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Describing the behavior you have chosen and comparing it to a child's is not berating. As you can see I haven't even call you any names nor insults.

You have still no proven your claims but ok I guess is too complicated for a "doctor" to engage in a serious and civic discourse.

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Why, hello there (((fellow white person))).

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