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There was no jew genocide in the world wars. Stop pushing this jew lie.

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Many were placed in concentration camps where they would later starve as the food supplies dwindled. The same would have happened to the oriental population in the USA if they had lost the ability to feed their own concentration camps.

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"B-b-b-but FDR was a superhero and nothing like that would have ever happened you evil alt-right nazi!

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I was thinking about that scenario a while ago. Suppose plan A was to deport the Jews to Madagascar. But they couldn't because of the Allies Navys. Plan B was to keep the Jews in camps until the war was over. But the Allies cut off their ability to get food. So if that's the case it seems oppression against Jews was Germany's fault but the actual Holocaust was due to the actions of the Allies........

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Eastern Europe has just gotten its freedom in living memory from the soviets. Western europe has been living the high life for a few generations. Hard times make strong people, strong people make better times, better times make weak people, weak people make hard times.

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The ones not cucked know what it is to live under communism. They have lived it before. None of this socialist BS fools them. They have been inoculated.

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As somebody else observed, central and eastern Europe experienced the fall of communism within the last 30 years.

These nations also, for centuries, fought off or suffered from the depredations of the Ottoman Empire until just 100 years ago. They are not eager to succumb to Islamic rule again.

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Looks like OP is a believer in the holohoax conspiracy theory

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They were not exterminated in Eastern Europe. In Poland, at least they were removed after the war.

Anti-Jewish_violence_in_Poland 1944-1946

My understanding is that Polish populations in other Eastern European countries have been in decline for a while, as Jews prefer to live in more prosperous, fashionable places.

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I always wondered where the term "Pollock" being offensive came from and why kids would tease each other in school by calling each other dumb Pollock's. Kikes are a cancer.

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Dumb Polack jokes didn't have anything to do with Polacks. It just sounded good. Dumb blonde jokes. Dead baby jokes.

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Poland is Central Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europe#/media/File:Europe_orthographic_Caucasus_Urals_boundary_(with_borders).svg

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Poland did another jew purge sometime in the 70s too

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Another white nigger blames the Jews for his own chimp stupidity.

The reason Eastern Europe is not cucked is because they are Christian, nationalist and traditional - and they are that way because the Russian barbarians spend 50 years trying to take those things from them and they had to fight to keep it. It has nothing to do with Jews.

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Aren't Russian commie barbarians jews

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Russians are the first killers of Jews - besides the Nazis, Russians killed more Jews than anyone else. That's why their country is a 3rd world shithole full of corruption and drug addicts - it's been cursed.

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The eastern countries spent decades under Communism and thus grew tougher. They know how to deal with hardship and see through people trying to fuck with them.

Those in Western Europe that disagree with what is going on stay quiet because they are ballless pussies. For all their issues, Slavs are not pussies

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