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no way you can be a conservative with extrovert and openness score in the 95 percentile range

Yes you can. I tested 96 percentile on openness, yet straight up demonic behavior by leftists turned me into a conservative.

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He's wrong, but that's not why. If others' behavior changes your own political views you're not using the right criteria for how to choose your views. "Hitler is evil therefore I am not a Nazi" is fine. "Bush Jr is evil and therefore I am not a conservative" is stupid. Can you spot the difference? One is a political party, one is a set of beliefs. "Hillary is evil and therefore I am not a liberal" is stupid in the opposite direction.

Whether conservative or liberal, base your fundamental beliefs on philosophies, not on people.

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Good point and I agree completely.

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yet straight up demonic behavior by leftists

Tell me, anon - how much demonic behavior will you tolerate from your philosophical compatriots before you decide to leave because these people are just plain evil? But, but but but but - nothing. I don't care what their philosophy is on paper, they by-and-large do not follow it, and I'm not wasting my time digging through piles of shit to find some diamond dust.

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Nice, I was starting to give up on the young'uns but he gives me hope.

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The author is female. If you'd RTFA....

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I was going to read it but finding out it's a female I just don't care anymore.

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Did you just assume it's gender???

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Nice post. Except for:

the silent majority happily/docilly allowed the nutters from both sides to hijack the political discourse, the mainstream media, the educational system and so on.

I mean I get the nutters from the left (jews) have control here, but where is the OTHER side he is talking about? Someone point me to the national socialist TV channel please.

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@TaIIest_Skil would be the poster child of right-wing nutter. When his alarm clock doesn't go off, it's the Jews' fault. When his car won't start, it's the Jews' fault. When he's downvoated to -5 on the most conservative site outside of 8/pol/, it's Jewish Censorship. If you disagree with him, you're a kike shill. If you agree with him, you're only temporarily not a Jew.

This is why it's so much funnier that he's actually a black moslem like Louis Farrakhan.

Anyway, maybe your calibration is off, and you think the 14 Words is centrist. Dunno.

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T_S would be more along the lines of "My car won't start because of a defect, but the dealership won't do a goddamn thing about it, and nobody else will ever do a goddamn thing because teh jo0z have already won. It's over, everything is lost. You won't do a fucking thing you goddamn shabbos goy so fuck your hat because the jews have won and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it. Just roll over and fucking die because the jo0z have won."

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Maybe, but I don't see Tallest_Skil in the mainstream media or educational system. Lol.

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You must have missed the "Christian Right." they crushed the conservatives. Those in favor of small government and states rights being tied to Bible humpers was extremely damaging. I have no problem with someone being open about their moral compass being "influenced" by Christian values, but the second you start claiming you will govern based on the Bible you've lost the plot. If it weren't for Trump, we'd have been tasked with picking between fake ass, slimy Cruz or Bush, both fake Christians pandering to the blind on the right.

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He's a 17-year old leftist. He's very far along the red-pilling, but he still hasn't gotten to the point when he realizes that the right is not lead by nuts. But soon he will.

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The "right" is also led by nutters. I guess you haven't gotten far enough along in your black-pilling to realize this.

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I'm north of sixty and I haven't "realized" that. I think I never will.

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The pendulum swings back and forth, you have to be vigilant to extremists on both ends.

Currently it's the left, 10 years ago it was the right. It'll probably be the right again in 10 years.

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Awesome. This is pretty much where I land as well. I'm sick of Voat hating all leftists, when what they really hate is blind commies. Classic liberals exist in the American left and it's their duty to call out their party's bullshit.

And, in my opinion, it's our duty to support them.

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Oh yeah? Which classical liberal is there on the American left?

Libertarians would be considered far right extremists by the American left.

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I'm pretty firmly on the left. I have similarities with many goats because I'm not an authoritarian.

I'll give a quick example and then try to articulate my point.

I returned to Voat when I saw the left cheering and defending the take-down of Daily Stormer. I'm not very white (just 1/8) and I'm not keen on judging people by their race, nor do I prejudge people by their race.

I stood up for their site and decried the takedown as authoritarian, censorship, and morally unsound.

They included Voat in their list of sites that should be purged from the 'net. So, I decided to come login and start posting again. This way, when they point to Voat and say that it's nothing but vile, racist, people spewing hate, I can point to my own comments and my own interaction with goats.

If you're curious, I'm a socialist libertarian (which falls under a number of names). I much prefer Libertarian Socialist, because my emphasis is still on the liberties of the individual. But, it's not terribly important. I'm further on the axis as a libertarian than I am on socialist line.

For simplicity sake, I'm using the political compass as my reference point.

Anyhow, to try to wrap this up into a salient point, you're not far off - sometimes. Many on the left just consider me to be on their side - but I do get the occasional retort that equates to them calling me a Nazi. It's fairly rare.

Curiously, I get the obverse with more frequency here on Voat. Voat users tend to make more assumptions about my beliefs and think I'm far left. (I'm not, not even remotely.)

Which is to say that your statement isn't really very accurate based on my observations and personal experience. The American left does sometimes lump me in with the far right, but it's fairly rare. The people who identify as far right frequently will tell me that I'm far left.

I suspect it has something to do with people wanting simplicity. "If they're not lock-step with me, they're an extremist in the opposite direction." That sort of thing.

Ah well...

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They're there. Unfortunately it's a hard thing tp quantify.

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Hippie Leftists are fine too, and there's quite a few of them outside of the cities.

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Classic libs are far right fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, islamophonic, racist, reeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

By the definition of today’s left, they’re not there.

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He still hasn't realized fascism isn't all that bad. I think it would be great to send drug addicts to a labor camps. They will learn to work hard and get clean. I can't back this up with anything, but I'd rather have them come back to society from a camp than from a rehab center. Relapsing seems lees likely. A rehab labor camp perhaps.

The gulag was for everyone who disagreed with the communists. Hitler, as far as I know, gave political opponents prison sentences up to a year or two so he could build up Germany without shrieking from those in prison. But they did not pick up and arrest Germans who didn't like NSDAP just to work them to death. The NSDAP also didn't do what is known as 'wrecking': the communist party said X need to be done, the engineers said X would ruin Y, the party pushed through with their policies, Y was ruined, the engineers were sent to Gulags because allegedly they sabotaged/wrecked the infrastructure to bring down the party.

I'd much rather have fascist labor camps than gulags.

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Fascism and communism are very similar. Both are statist, sacrificing individual freedoms for the good of the state.

I think that by now we have a very long history of proof that government doesn't know best. So best to limit its power to only what's necessary. Hence I put fascism and communism in the same bad bag.

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I put the children of the Enlightenment in the same bag, Liberalism and Marxism since they belong in the same bag. Fascist states have a good record, until they are destroyed in a war. The freedom we loose under Fascism is the freedom to be a degenerate. 99.99% of all people have their knowledge of Fascism handed down to them by anti Fascists. Sure there are bad governments, but the state exists no matter what. You use 'state' and 'government' interchangeably.

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Depends. There were more authoritarian states and more liberal ones. The italian and german form were more strict. But I think it made them very strong.

The spanish falange wasn't as authoritarian. Basically they just had the "codex fascismo" to encourage (not force) every citizen of spain, regardless of ethnicity to do their best for their country.
So they weren't even racist. But still fascist.

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He will come around.

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Would this be an example of BLUE pilled? Neo takes the RED pill to break from the Matrix, not remain in it.

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Fine,I chose fascist.

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