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Downvoted for giving bad advice. It's actually illegal in lots of states.

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It's actually illegal in lots of states.

Got a source on that? Because you may be confusing impersonating law enforcement personnel with wearing clothing with their logo or name.

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Give us an AAR

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Your guys can get felonies for stupid shit if you want. I'm not quite ready to get suicided by cop yet but I do want to register my truck and trailer sometime in the next millenia. Custom hat will be ready in the morning. The owner laughed so hard. He decided to do one for me for free as a sample.

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Oooo, can I have permission to wear some clothing?

What a pussy.

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He's fighting for free speech.

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Just go wear the hat, duh.

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Nope, that's a warrior for free speech right there. Says so right in the pussies name. (oops)