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That is how it has always been. Men protect their women and women protect themselves the only way they can when men cannot protect them. Look at what happened to Asia after the Mongol invasion, everyone looks a lot more Mongolian than they used to.

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A women’s instincts is to be within the good graces of the strong. Invading forces come to town, they will capitulate out of natural instinct for their own safety.

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They typically can't compete physically it's a defense mechanism. Don't look at them too harshly because of it

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That is true. I am female and I would capitulate to save my family. Maybe not to save myself

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It's both. Lust for the victor exists because it keeps the woman and her offspring with that victor safe. Women are evolved to do things in their interest without knowing why they do them or that they are even in their interests. Their rational brains often disagree with their actions, but get overpowered by the "survival mechanism".

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Those are children, but I get your point. Most women find alphas and victors attractive.

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You mad, Bro?

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As I heard it, "men play to win, women play not to lose". You can detect very easy strategies based off of that.

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I like it, simple and to the point

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You probably have mother issues or are around low quality women. There are plenty that can be trusted with most things. They just can't be trusted with everything. Most women just don't reach that final step where they completely grow up. Emotions manipulate them more easily which makes it hard.

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This has been bugging me recently.

If millions of feminine-to-a-fault women were invading the West, women who fetishised White men and who craved to be impregnated by us, who lusted after us to the point of aggressively forcing themselves upon us, could White men be expected to resist? If these foreign women were not discouraged by less favourable traits, not at all selective such that even the unemployed, obese neckbeards who decent White women wanted nothing to do with could expect to be pursued and fucked whenever they please by imported non-White women, would the White men resist? If we could sit around eating hotdogs and playing video games while women blew up our phones begging to suck our dicks, how many White men would have their integrity challenged? And imagine the hostility these men would show when White women protested the importation of foreign sluts! White men would be marching in the streets demanding open borders!

We have a generation of women who have been encouraged to be overweight, loud, promiscuous, and foul. They're hitting the wall en masse and their ovaries are crying out for a family, yet they've utterly destroyed their prospects with any White man of value. They're desperate. Their daily cocktail of anti-depressants is no remedy for the crushing loneliness of a silent house. They're crying themselves to sleep and the clock keeps ticking.

And here they see a solution. There are millions of foreign men flooding their communities, men who lust for them so strongly that they'll rape without remorse, unfazed by their weight or age, uninhibited by the standards of the White man.... and we expect them to object? Not a chance.

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This is how I had to look at it to even begin to understand the disgusting disloyalty of women.

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The reason I disagree with your post is that you can't just reverse the genders on something if you want to understand it. You also have to reverse the gender role. For example:

craved to be impregnated by us

A man impregnating a woman is not the same thing as a woman being impregnated. The risk of that activity (aside from STDs) goes only one way - to the woman. The woman takes on a nine month - at least a nine month commitment. As a result, a woman who gets pregnant by a low quality man might miss an opportunity to get pregnant by a high quality man. Worse, a woman has a very short fertility window, accepts a fairly high risk of death during childbirth, and is generally weak overall so needs protection to survive during pregnancy.

All of those factors work together to mean that women are supposed to be the more chaste sex. When women are promiscuous, they are fucking up their sexual strategy. They're being stupid.

By contrast, the male strategy is to trade resources for sexual access. You have an instinct to show a woman that you are a good provider in order to win her over.

The women who fucked german or russian invaders took on the risk of pregnancy but got no resources in return for it. If you want to gender-swap the russian invasion story, then do it this way: imagine a group of women flooded into your town and they all constantly asked for money. You could give them money, but they would give you nothing in return (just like the european women got no resources in return).

Men who fell for this scheme would be just as stupid as the women who fucked the russians. And it turns out, such men do exist - they're giving money to twitch thots on patreon. There is a parallel.

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Let them have their dark invaders.

They not only have their dark invaders, they also have a vote. If they cant get money from their dark invaders, theyll vote to tax you, to feed themselves AND their dark invaders at your expense.

They deserve everything they're going to get.

Your tax money. They'll make you pay AS IF youre fucking them, except that youre not.

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You can see this with Sex Dolls, too.

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That's why it's silly to expect them to resist.

We need to remove their voting rights and expel invaders, that's our job.

Our job is also not to listen to their childish whining while we do it.

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Women's job is to build culture. Back in the colonial days they understood this and would send women into colonies as cultural buffers. Quebec is a great example of this. The then kind of France flooded it with Parisian women as a buffer against Anglicization and to strengthen French culture.

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Winners, tough guys and bad boys get their panties wet.

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This is the key. Men fight to survive. Women fuck the winners to survive.

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Yeah, the Vietnamese women were totally DTF as their villages burned.

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i dont think thats the reason...at least not the only one or not the important one... maybe wet of fear but... its complicated i knwo all the shits but not in the mood to explain...

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It doesnt make biological sense for a woman to be loyal to her tribe, because the possible choices of men are limited.

The biological imperative of a woman is to sell her eggs as expensively as possible, and the only way to find out which man to mate with is to "lets you and him fight".

It doesnt make sense for a woman to be loyal to a man who refuses to fight other men. Refusing to fight other men means that you are weak, and from the biological POV that means that you are a bad choice for mating.

That means that it is beneficial for her to invite invaders to test your fitness, and even if you get killed by the invader, she still wins biologically because her children with the invader will be stronger than if she had children with you, the loser.

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SO what you're saying, is letting women dictate public policy is a fucking terrible idea

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Well, evolutionarily they promote fitness through competition. Women are subconsciously promoting war to cull the male population.

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This is another reason why it's important for society to drastically shame sexual impurity.

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The Patriarchy did nothing wrong.

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Patriarchy is a synonym for civilization.

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/v/EmergencyNation awaits you

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The sexes are not the same cognitively? What a shock.

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