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I downloaded the app and watched the show. They had a good point - saying "Just build your own internet or own social media platform" is akin to telling someone in the 1800s to just build their own railroad

Also "Imagine if the phone company called you up and said, we've been listening to what you've been saying and we don't like it. So we are going to cancel your phone account and so are all the other phone companies"

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REMEMBER!!! : He just moved to free speech BitChute:


But in the last two days still only 16,137 subscribers on that bitchute free channel.

It does not currently force any burden on desktops. One day in future it will force bittorrent via WebRTC, and one day in far future it will require heavy users to pay, or lend cryptomining remote in browser. for now, no ads, no burdons.

Bitchute is fast loading , not too good for choppy sporadic stream bandwidth in pathological situations, but devoid of extra ads or crap.

I like bitchute but it does not seem to let you play more than 40 minutes without clicking a mouse periodically.

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And if you're like me and like downloading the videos for later (or so it will never buffer) get "DownThemAll" and click on the "DownThemAll (current tab)". Click on the pictures and media tab on the top right. Find the mp4 file. Select it and hit start. A popup will allow you to change the name and directory and other things. Then in the manager you can watch it download and then right click and open the directory up and watch the video.

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This is precisely why we need to classify the internet providers under title two as a utility. It's the only way to guarantee free speech.

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It's for the midterms - stifling opposition.

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Not a huge fan either, the only time he criticized israel was after him and his jew wife got a divorce and that naming of the jew was VERY short lived, I'm disappointed he is being deplatformed however, and I'll be pretty pissed off if Paul Joseph Watson (who I like a lot more as a voice of reason and influential personality) is also removed from the (effective) internet.

I remember when Alex had that debate with David Duke and Alex got totally destroyed, those were good times.

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Debate with david duke was super shitty, simply unfair, I mean farrakhan, who isn't "worse" than DD when it comes to his stance on jews and his ethnocentric views, got a much fairer treatment

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He isn't particularly bright. He just presents with passion. I don't really care for him at all but it is bad for America for conglomerates to be coordinating against free speech.

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I fucking hate PJW as a decade long listener of infowars/prison planet. When he came along is when former employees quit and turned on alex. I still support Alex because I know what his motivations are.

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Alex has been legit for the last month, he stuck his dick in a beehive full of elite pedos and they are making moves against him

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I was wondering what he recently reported on that got him targeted. Pedo stuff would explain it. Funny how this stuff is all “conspiracy” or “debunked” but when people talk about it the censorship and conserted effort to prevent people from doing so is out in full force. It is almost like they do actually have something to hide.

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If he was just a right winged wacko conspiracy theorist, then they would just let him continue on with no resistance. Instead he is sticking razor blades under their finger nails.

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Pedophila is so rampant worldwide right now, cannot and will not be swept under the rug.

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The video they used to ban him was gay ass trannys twerking with children watching and putting dollar bills in their underwear like at a strip club. That is now considered transphobia by the degenerate left. They showed a photo of a tranny with no pants on with glitter on his dick standing next to a little kid.

Yeah. They are fucking demon spawn.

Yes they removed the video. It's basically wiped from the google search.

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His shoddy and partly fabricated qanon coverage through Corsi (who youtube kept suggesting I watch) made me think he's theater controlled opposition. How well is he covering this pedo stuff really? Why should I think he's legit?

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To be frank, I initially presumed Q was a total LARP controlled by the shills who took over the chans, but at this point I'm not going to decide on it. Partly because it's a divisive issue among truthers, which is what I fuckin called the week it started, and partly because there has been some actual legitimacy to some of the stuff that has resulted of the Qanon thing. Alex Jones covered it just like he does all issues that MSM keep under the radar: He says some crazy shit about it but gets people to look into it. 9/11, pizzagate, qanon, Fukushima, many different things have gotten more attention merely because he mentioned the term.

I've been watching him since 2006 and I've never seen his behavior change like it has the last month when he began blowing the whistle on pedophiles (not related to pizzagate) in politics and media. He was genuinely trying to incite anger from his crowd, all acts aside. It was real shit and kind of shook his audience and it's literally close to the point of some of them forming death squads. His listeners who haven't known about the pedophilia were pissed and it was causing a lot of waves.

How well is he covering this pedo stuff really?

As a long-time listener, I can honestly say this is the first time I have seen him cover something without his act going on. All his videos are hard to find at the moment but if you watch some stuff from a few weeks ago it would perk your ears up. It wasn't crazy alex, it was like he was talking to a judge and a jury about this stuff under oath. Completely honest and wants people to be in his words "God damn fucking pissed about", without the bleep. He always sounds like a jackass because he never got too close to the sun and wanted to keep it that way. This last month that completely changed.

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You will like Sam Hydes new video where he catfishes pedos. I don't think it's online yet and you have to subscribe to Hyde Wars (stolen directly from info wars.... lol) Gotta love it.

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Looks like he got kicked off the network for the Isaac Kappy video... I guess that's what happens when you name powerful people.

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Can't say I am much of an Alex Jones fan myself. I always considered his 'show' to be a 3-Hour long Infomercial for his Natureopathy Products he hawked, but the fact remains that if they can silence him from off the Internet, they can also silence anyone else too! THAT is the part that really scares me! Who's next? Michael Savage? Rush Limbaugh? Mike Gallagher? Michael Medvid? Howard Stern?? Something to think about....

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Same. I’ve seen him interviewed on other shows a few times, and he seems like an alright dude to me, but not really my cup of tea. Either way, fuck this censorship bullshit. Nothing boils my blood more than this kind of elitist, paternalistic garbage.

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Same, want it to be the top app in the app store.

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It's #1 in trending right now, 4.9 out of 5 stars

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I listen to Alex Jones often. I don't see some of the issues that others have with him. No, he doesn't talk about "the jews" often, but he gets news pretty dang accurate, and talks about things that later turn out to be true when they come out. He doesn't do or say the things the MSM, YouTube, and others say he said - specifically bullying. Libtard channels and show hosts get away with that shit all the time.

He's been talking about himself and right wing channels being censored online for a while. Look what happened.

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I'm not defending FB and I do like Alex Jones' opinions, but having a political opinion does not put someone into a protected class. They can legally ban him and remove all memory of him from their privately owned platforms.

Maybe that is the problem?

On a large enough scale of Internet censorship the national discourse on politics can and will become one sided which is their goal.

Platforms like Facebook are huge. Alex had a large audience there and so do many other political activists.

Should things be allowed to continue as they are now, conservatives being banned out of existence, or should something be done to stop them? If so, what could be done?

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Nothing would be better for world than to drown fb in their own shit.

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They can legally ban him and remove all memory of him from their privately owned platforms.

That's like telling him to go build his own internet, railroad, or shipping company. They have a monopoly on the internet and that has to be destroyed immediately.

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I am the source, I got a new iPhone and restored my backup and now I get a message when I click the app that says I can't open the app since it isn't available in the app store anymore...

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Gotta have an app....whatever that is


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Wat, is that real?

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My Breitbart app still works. Not sure about if its banned from the store or not though.

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confirmation anywhere? even though breitbart is controlled opposition...

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