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Only God does not lie.

Everyone else, you can count on it.

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I found your error right in the title, you are implying you should trust anyone you know only from what you have read of them on the internet and seen on television. You should decide whether what he says makes sense, not whether you trust him.

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Your problem is that goats have no hands.

As far as his manipulations go, can't possibly be any worse than the rest of the shit proliferating out there.

All you can do is keep reading his writing and be critical. I actually just bought a book on logical fallacies to help me identify them better.

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I hope no one here is taking someone as if they were the source of truth. Check, double check and triple check.

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Angsty. Very interesting.

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You don't know me. You can't just show up, comment on my post, and expect that I'll respond to you. But you did and I did so here we are.

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Well that was more than angsty.