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David Asimov, son of Sci-fi writer, Isaac Asimov

[Isaac] Asimov's parents were Anna Rachel (née Berman) and Judah Asimov, a family of (((Jewish))) millers.

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The jews sure do love them toddlers

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The SF lit community has been a hotbed of pedo shit for decades and decades now, also.
He was pretty much guaranteed to turn out degenerate.

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Christ on a cracker.

Laws are only meant to keep law abiding citizens under the illusion that there is actually a rule of law so they don't take things into their own hands.

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Exactly. If something needs to be handled, don't call the establishment. Got the message loud and clear.

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"Anything imaginable regarding sex between human beings and human beings, or human beings and animals, was there... It was like walking into a TV studio"

You don't say..

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What upsets me, besides the crime, is the sentence. It's so damn light, I can't even call it a slap on the wrist.

Had it been literally ANYONE not Jewish ... that person would have had their crimes published on the front page of the prison newspaper and thrown into general population.

The disconnect, dissonance and two-tiered justice system is grossly apparent, here.

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SMH. Isn't there enough evidence for someone to go after Mueller for protecting traitors and pedos? Wish I had a law degree, or a few more commas in the accounts, would do it myself.

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Yes, there is.

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Hari Seldon never saw this coming. "Foundation & Fiddling Dave" would not be a good read.

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I read the foundation series very young. Now I will have to read it again with a skeptics view on it. Many physiological overtones from what I remember.

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Yeah, this one hits close to home for me. I had never heard of this case until recently, but isaac asimov was my childhood. All the short stories, the robot novels. But I guess behind a thin public veneer a jew is a jew. One doesn't orchestrate this sort of enterprise without some sort of abuse early in life.

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This is so depressing. More damning evidence that the whole world is corrupt and there is nothing one can do about it.

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He had all this but still needed to take his computer to someone else to get fixed?

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If we were talking about dedicated editing equipment, you'd have a point, but the only computer skills needed for this operation are enough to install and run the program. The ability to actually fix things isn't required.

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If you're doing this sort of thing, you probably should learn.

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