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Nah, it was planned.

Once you understand communism was designed to destroy societies from within everything will make sense.

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Mao was propped up by communist (jewish) traitors in the US state department as I recall. They falsified a report to show that he was some great pro-American leader and that our tax dollars should support him.

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Correct. The Xinhai Revolution was the same cookiecutter plot they used in every other country with a 'Communist' revolution. Just like Pol-pot, Hitler, and Stalin, (((they))) select someone from a poor rural area, as they are typically uneducated, and generally resent city folks for having access to schooling. (((Powerful people))) assume these traits will make them great stooges, but in a few prominent cases, the rural/city divide-and-conquer doesn't work, and now (((they))) need the world to step in and intervene.

Some, like Stalin and Hitler, put their people first and grow their respective countries. Some, like Mao and the Kim Jong lineage, are more interested in their own self preservation, but make decisions overall that are well intended for the country. Only Pol-Pot actually kept to the script.

These guys have a number of other things in common too:

  1. they all figured out at some point they were intended to be stooges
  2. once they make decisions that benefit the country, they realize that their enemies lie within, not without their borders, leading to
  3. an internal purge of their officials, complete shutdown of borders, etc trying to get rid of traitors. Once this happens, (((they)))
  4. impart embargoes on these countries, causing the country to have no food, energy supply, or both, and they begin psyops within the country itself. When the dictator goes to shut down what (to them) is obvious spy activity, (((they)))
  5. begin broadcasting 'human rights' propaganda in the rest of the world, showcasing how these regimes 'kill their own' and 'kill journalists', and showcase crying starving people (in literally every case from the embargoes imposed back at step 4)
  6. This is when the rest of the world comes to save the poor crying people with the use of missiles, battleships, and such, and the country is reformed again as a 'democracy' or 'democratic republic'.

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Every time you see subversive activity designed to tear apart a country from within, for some magical reason it can always be traced back to the US. And then come the whining about Russian election interference.

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And Skull and Bones.

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About right: people too hard to manage & control because there's too goddamned many of them? get the herd to thin itself through terror and starvation - and the remaining survivors will be too scrawny and terrified to do anything other than obey your orders

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Exactly rigjt, it destroys a country because the most profitable time for everyone is post war rebuilding. If you cant get the country to go to war, have them,destroy themselves. Either way you loan out the money for rebuilding while also making money during the fall.

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Is there any communist that is not fucking stupid? If they aren't fucking stupid, then they are planning and knowingly destroy the country they reside in.

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Communism: so bad even east Asians with higher average IQs can't make it work.

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IQ is only one metric. I think whites are the best race, even though they aren't the highest IQ or "smartest." Why? We have better morality (IMO) and better creativity, as two examples of other metrics. Gotta take into account all the variables, if IQ meant everything, Asians wouldn't have suffered nearly as much as they have throughout history. Chinese specifically are very bad with creativity, critical thinking, and independent thought. They're called "ant people" for a reason.

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Virtue is key. Immorality is basically a motivation-killer, especially when it becomes culturally acceptable or, worse, codified into law.

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No, in that case it is definitely cultural. Asian cultures have extremely strict demands for obedience and conformity with education based around mindless memorization. Growing up in such an environment suppresses creative capabilities. When Asians are born and grow up in more relaxed western countries their creative capabilities are liberated, especially if their parents don't force them to spend insane amounts of time practicing piano/violin and doing additional studying at CLC(Chinese Learning Center) on top of school when their grades are already good.

One example is how in Japan the people who made the Nintendo games came from a social class of outcasts called Burakumin. That freed them from the crushing demands for conformity, however at great costs. Other examples of jobs that they did were being actors and running casinos.

Asians also lead the world in creative and philosophical endeavors when most of Europe was still a series of primitive, backwater tribes. You mistaken the effects of the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries for genetics.

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we have damn near the median IQ of the ashkenazi they don't beat us by much they have a slight edge in the verbal dept where we win in the spatial area

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Asians are not better innovators, explorers, artists, etc than us, but they are better at putting effort into one thing and following the rules. The point is that if chinks, who would be better at following the rules than us, can't make it work, then obviously the rules are at fault. "True communism" has been tried, and it didn't work.

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Well, they only became a "superpower" because the US was bribed to become its bitch and gave her wealth away.

But most of China's power is illusory. Their economics are so dumb that they basically spend money to build ghost cities just to keep the masses employed (read: busy enough to not revolt).

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They're still a communist country. They're making it work pretty good I'd say, since they've gone from being a third world backwater to the world industrial superpower in about 50 years.

And over those 50 years they've been shifting away from Marxism into a weird sort of state-communism/capitalism hybrid.

And their economy is on a downward trend ever since Trump clamped down on the US propping them up.

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They want to open the borders and make it 500 million peasants. Then globalize and take over the rest of the world like a growing amoeba.

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You're not wrong about what Communist leaders want and what our elite want, but China's economic success largely came after they reabsorbed Hong Kong and adopted some semi-capitalist/state capitalist reforms.

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Because Asians are robotic bugs.

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Yeah day can't dance cuz ain't got no rhythm n shit.

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They literally are the robotic bugman race.

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Being intelligent on a logic test won't save you if you're brainwashed. Besides, the lack of food probably lowers that quite a few points

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So how did he fuck up, from his own perspective?

Hmmm... God flushed him into hell at his personal judgment?

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That's silly. Chinamen don't have souls.

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And this is why lots of asians eat nasty ass bugs and other unsavoury parts of animals.

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This was probably the original plan have them eat bugs because it's more efficient than growing animals to eat for protein. So what if some of them die, the next generation/crop will be bug eaters. Same with farming. Can't feed yourself? Well give you food, you give us your land. It's similar to Ukraine. It's all part of the plan.

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I'm not one of the poor ones but pork blood /gizzards / anything but the brain/ crocodiles are delicious.

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It gets better: the Soviets - backed by their own history - had already warned him about his stupid ideas. His response was to throw a hissy fit, call them bad communists and then bring about exactly what he'd be warned about.

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And funnily enough, China is essentially doing the same shit now, creating bullshit jobs and random empy buildings, for the sole purpose of keeping people occupied. Because having millions of unemployed angry people is NOT how one stayys in power

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That's not the same thing, that's pretty much the opposite of the same thing. Yes, they're doing something pointless, but at least it's not actively harmful to the entire nation.

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had already warned him about his stupid ideas

communists warning communists about stupid communist ideas.


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This was the era of de-Stalinization, when the Soviets had plenty of stories to tell.

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He didn’t think that one through.

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Maybe it was his goal?

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Which is the hallmark of Democrats/Marxists.

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The fact he came up with that crazy shit and everyone did it shows how stupid the Chinese are as a people, frankly. They are basically automatons filling their little place in a big machine. That’s why they are very industrious but have to mostly steal all of their innovative technologies. They are mostly good at following orders, not thinking for themselves.

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Don't you think whites or any race on this earth can't fall for stupidition prize of darwin's son yet. Whites will have socialism or islam but never capitalism. fuck you whites. All I wanted is freedom and you can't even keep free speech. you got damn son fo a cucks. I'm ready to go back to my 2nd world shithole in eastern europe

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Please do then.

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Search country by IQ. They're actually not.

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I am not talking about average IQ. They aren’t stupid because they have low IQs. If anything their high average IQs just make them even stupider as a group when you consider their worker bee-like behavior.

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at least Chinese food is tasty

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The shit you eat in the US is just sugar chicken. There's nothing Chinese about it. It's more American than a cheese burger.

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Too bad they didn't have any for a while.

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Americanized Chinese food is good. Never had real Chinese food.

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They terrorize food animals before slaughter because they think fear makes them taste better

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The real stuff is great. They add tons of fat and sugar here for us . . .

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Real Chinese food? Dude, look up "sewer oil." You won't want to eat anything for the next day.

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