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[–] badruns 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

People aren't talking about 15 years ago. They're talking about SNL pre-2000s was good before NBC changed ownership/leaderships around. There was a time where SNL wasn't all jew Propaganda.

[–] BeefBourgignon 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

You're telling me that (((Lorne Michaels))), the producer for SNL from the beginning didn't put his kike twist on his television show filmed in Jew York City? Sure, bro, sure.

[–] badruns 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Please explain to me how Mr. Bill was propaganda.

[–] BeefBourgignon 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Yeah, I just did some "research" on Wikipedia, most of the original cast members could tenuously or stridently be linked to judaism, and the other guy is black (those jews always push for (((diversity))) ). It's hard to look back at the things we love and see that the poison is there. It has to be acknowledged and expunged.

[–] andrew_jackson 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Yeah, comedy itself has gone downhill in the last 30 years or so. It's too edgy.