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Christ Fight!

Hit him w your Bible and call him a Jew.

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Very tempting. Mine is hard covered. His is one of those fancy floppy ones that "important" preachers like to fold in half. I think my chances are good...

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Israel became a highly symbolic reference, meaning anyone in Christ. Israel simply becomes Christ's people. Gentile or not. It makes little sense that Christ's apostle Peter, Paul, and later Gospel writers Luke and Mark would spend the years after Christ's death evangelizing in GREECE and ROME, if it weren't Christ's desire for his news to be heard by Gentiles as well. The Abrahamic covenant specifically (historically) referred to a specific tribe of Jews. That is true. But this was the old law.

That's where it gets confusing. One of Jesus' more difficult tasks was identifying who he was to the people he was trying to convince. In order to do that, he had to identify his father as the God of the covenant. Which is why he makes so many references to old textual prophecies in order to make it explicit he is the son of Yahweh. Jesus Christ, because God became flesh incarnate, is specifically how that covenant became a covenant to all people who follow Christ (BECAUSE HE DESTROYED THE OLD LAW). Christ made all people God's chosen people through the sacrifice.

You have a preacher who isn't recognizing the most important part of Jesus. Christians who misinterpret this key fact think so much of the old law is somehow controversial or relevant today. Its not. If you don't understand that, you missed the point of this guy called Jesus.

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Ooh My monies on you, a goat w a hardbound copy is gonna smack down.

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You should have just stood up on the spot and asked “If the Jews are the chosen ones, why are we all here instead of at a synogogue?”

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Actually, a soft hit to the head with your bible would actually pass a very strong meaning to him, hopefully. If you have the balls to do it in front of people and then explain his folly, that would also be awesome, and take video if you do.

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10/10 would pay to see.

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Classic!!! lol!

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Sounds like time to find a new church. Martin Luther didn't put up with this, and neither should you.

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Sounds like it's time to stop believing in organized religion.

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Never have, never will. But I do respect Martin Luther. He tried to improve literacy rates and translated the Bible into German (the common language) so people could read and interpret the bible on their own, without relying on the papacy/clergy/priests.

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Christianity is the freedom from all religious control. The problem with OP is that he conforms to what we call "churchianity." He needs to get out as fast as possible.

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I don't think pointing out the correction to his statement would label you as a Nazi. You did a good job. My experience with arguing scripture with pastors has always been fruitless but I wish you luck.

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The longer I go without a response email from him, the more I fear it might be fruitless. I just couldn't in good conscience sit there and listen to obvious Jew-shilling.

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All pastors believe they have the end-all interpretation of the scriptures, so convincing them of anything other than what they BELIEVE is almost impossible. As you know, it is easy to cherry-pick words out of the bible to support just about anything, so it ends up being a ring-around-the-rosey exercise that they can always justify. So don't worry if you don't get through to him, just be satisfied that you stood up and expressed your opinion instead of just walking away. The effort bolsters you even if it does nothing for him.

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He want's you to leave. No pastor who conforms to churchianity and the rules he was taught will let you question his authority over the people. He is waiting for you to quietly leave so this little "problem" will be solved. This is how you have hundreds of little factions of churchianity all lead by their own pastors who claim to have the ultimate Biblical authority and everyone else is wrong and therefore a heretic or at the least- ungodly.

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You probably won't get a response from him till next Sunday. He'll probably try to passive aggressively shame you during his next sermon like a cowardly shit.

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It's not only Jew-shilling, it is an astounding lack of knowledge of his own religion. I bet even Wickedpedia gets that the New covenant is for all people. Is this guy even qualified to be a pastor?

As an aside, the branch of theology that makes people "pro-Israel" is called Dispensationalism. Look it up, get a grasp on what a stupid concept that really is, there are enough websites critical of Dispensationalism.

I fight against it in my church. It's nice in a way, because you never have to mention the Jew. You are just arguing "theology".

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He is a kike loving faggot. Stop paying your church, become a Backwoods Preacher Man.

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now I've got this song on repeat... IT'S SO GOOD

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Give us an update on this if there is one. I'm interested in how this turns out for you.

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I definitely will!

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expose and defeat this fool

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It's pretty simple stuff. I hate how the whole "Jews are the chosen people" shit keeps getting propagated.

There were Jews. Then Jesus was born. Jesus is the Christ. As such, all Jews are now supposed to be Christian.

CHRISTIANS are the chosen people. Modern jews are heretics at best, apostates at worst.

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Ask him if he's teaching from the old testament, or the new testament. If he's teaching, rather, preaching, from the new, then he has to realize this "god's chosen" bullshit for the jews no longer applies. Christs sacrifice was for everyone, not for the money changers in the temple.

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That's a big point I tried to make in the email. His idea of salvation sounds more like Animal Farm. "All are equal, but some are more equal than others". It's absolute garbage.

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Your pastor has a common disease known as "Dispensationalism." Reading Rushdoony and Bahnsen are my recommended treatments.

Jesus spent a lot of time criticizing the Pharisees in the bible, and the legalist Pharisees, along with the liberal Sadducees, executed him through the Sanhedrin. Today the Pharisees are what we know as the Orthodox Jews.

God does not have two kingdoms. Jews need to accept Christ or perish, same as anyone else.

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I reject your dead Jew on stick and if your so called God, would actually sentence me to be tortured and suffer for eternity because I wouldn't get on my knees and beg him for forgiveness for the things that he forced me to do against my will, then I'm pretty sure you're devoting your life to a gigantic abusive cowardly piece of shit.

P.S. Nobody is good enough for heaven. Have you rejected your earthly attachments? Considering you're using a computer then I guess not. News flash: you're going to hell for refusing to follow His word. Faith alone is not enough. Disagree with me? Then re-read the Bible come back and show me where I'm wrong.

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beg him for forgiveness for the things that he forced me to do against my will

For alll have sinned and come short of the glory of god. You will not go to the Lake of Fire for anything that you DO. You will be cast there for not believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone is a sinner- even a lie when you are 5 years old is a sin. Everyone has sinned in some way.

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Seems like you're imposing human concepts of justice onto the creator of the universe, which sounds like a personal problem.

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