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https://tweetsave.com/westwood_hero/status/1025486183588155394 :

MR. IGNORANT‼️ on Twitter: "Fuck 12 nigga. Give me a ticket for MY safety 🙄😪 on me fuck you pathetic ass Junction City pigs man.… "

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thank you, Ill link to that site next time

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It's only a matter of time before he runs his mouth like that to one of his "brothas" and they shoot his ass, or he does his next stretch, does the same, and one of his "brothas" shoots a load up his ass.

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And it wonders why people can't stand it

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I hate cops and I don't care what anyone says to them or does to them. As far as I am concerned it is open season on this unconstitutional army of occupation.

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Lol! so when you are wronged who do you call? the village elders? Even if you don't agree with Police they protect you

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When Im wronged I handle it myself. The goddamned pigs have never helped me.