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First off: Should those women not instead be kept responsible for what they do with their bodies, and forced to both take care of the child as well as be completely expelled from society? Including making it illegal for them to adopt the child away, even if it leads to extreme poverty or worse for the child, with the mother held fully responsible?

Second: What about the profit motives? Not just from payment for the procedures, but also for selling and/or using the bio-mass of the dead bodies for various things? This profit motive can help motivate and establish extremely wretched systems.

Third: It's bloody dishonorable, wretched and evil to use abortion as a weapon against other races and especially "poor and criminal" people, at least covertly like that. If you are seeking to do it with other races, you should at the very least be fully clear and open to everyone about what you are doing. And you should not in any way do it or encourage it for "poor people", seriously, WTF? Why not set up a proper system that indirectly and robustly tests them and let those that are capable as well as deeply good succeed? This would of course require the complete or almost complete removal of any wellfare systems, likely including prohibiting public health care or similar. A step in the direction of genuine freedom and dignity instead of wellfare whoring and slavery. Though definitely not sufficient: Much more than simply capability is needed.


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First. Sure. We could build a society were every kids gunna have a safe and loving home... Reality is. That's not happening ANYTIME fucking soon. So in the meantime REALITY is. You want ME to support moms being FORCED to have kids they don't fucking want. And are MUCH.. not just a little bit. MUCH more likely to grow up and rape/murder/kill. So YOU can feel better about yourself? No fucking thanks.

Secondly. As long as no one is paying the MOTHER for her abortion. I think im ok with whatever the fuck they want to do with the corpse. Dead kids and a dead kid. If the parents want to allow its organs to be harvested so it can save some other kid whose parents think they can actually provide it a life. Don't really care pal. I would prefer people not have abortions and use birth control instead. Which oddly enough in the places Kike loving bible thumpers dont have enough influence to make it an "Abstinence only school system" You do in fact get less dead kids. Once again, Bible thumpers tend to fail on all fronts. Bout the only thing bible thumpers get right. Monogamy. That's their claim to fame. Everything else. They usually fuck up real good.

Third. I got no fucking problem telling people that's the case with abortion. I ain't exactly keeping it secret pal. Not in real life either. Unlike a lot of people here I own home have a career and if politics comes up. I fucking say all the same shit i do here. So you can take "dishonorable" and shove it up your ass. While people may not be aware of the statistics of the situation...they got an inkling I just lay it out in a more exact fashion. Everyone knows that the kids being aborted arn't exactly the ones destined for success. The church doesn't give a fuck because it's the poor and wretched masses are what they need to justify their existence. And donations.. But the reality is they don't give a fuck about those kids after they are born. And if the kids fucks up bad enough. They are fine with frying them and insinuating they burn in hell forever.

Really, people like you come off to me the same as knee jerk liberals. You have this fantasy of what reality can be...and sure communism could work. It's just INCREDIBLY fucking unlikely.

I'm not willing to go hungry so communists can "Feel good about what were doing as a country!" Nor am I willing to get robbed and murdered so you can "Feel good about the soul of our country."

I'm interested in what fucking works and what fucking doesn't. To be honest. Morally, I think your incredibly dishonorable. You'll happilly allow millions of people to suffer needlessly. Just so you feel better about whats going on in a maternity ward? And depending on how you feel about Birth control being made available to teens and sex education in class rooms. You're also to willing to ignore statistics showing that makes MORE DEAD KIDS from abortion.

Turns out reading a teen Leviticus doesn't stop em from fuckin. But if ya at least get those of em who are gunna screw to learn about STD's and Conception. (not the immaculate kind sorry) You actually end up WITH LESS ABORTIONS.


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Did you even read my first paragraph? Did you reply while drunk?

Also, you are getting "your" and "you're" wrong, among other things. But I guess you don't give any fucks.