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Roe v Wade was in 1973. In the early 90's Crime rates dropped. They dropped earlier in states that had legalized abortion before it became legal everywhere.

As soon as all those kids who would have been born to unwilling mothers would have been hitting their late teens and early 20's. The crime rates dropped dramatically. Because they didn't fucking exist to be criminals.

If a woman doesn't want to have a kid. It's a bad fucking idea to force her to have it. Most likely going to get a stupid violent kid outta that.

And it's not just niggers. White trash is more likely to abort a kid as well. And white trashes kids are also more likely to be criminals. Now not as likely as niggers. But still much more likely than successful whites.

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This is why, instead of trying to teach spic languages in schools, we need to stop importing spics and start rebuilding the public school system without Kikes. Let's educate the industrious and hard working whites of the heartlands.

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Yup... Every fucking english to spanish "aide" that personally fucking walks some of those kids 1 on 1 to different classes is at LEAST 30k a year that could be going to educating YOUR child and not some foreigners kids.

And that's just one source of wasted money involving illegals and even legal immigrants kids. They will affect everything from maintenance, to products "paper towels, bathroom tissues, wear and tear on a facility" Spot in classrooms so more have to built and staffed... From small to large the cost of spics on our education system is ridiculous.

It boggles my mind all the single mother whores who are all to happy to have the spic kid suck up dollars that if nothing else. could go to THAT stupid whore or her spawn. This country already has plenty of fuckup kids. We don't need to importing more that will also be genetically predisposed to lower IQ's and crime.

The older I get the more I realize the vast majority of single mothers don't care about THEIR kids. They would rather virtue signal and destroy their own childs future. Than risk being ostracized socially.

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The final nail in the coffin would be to end the welfare state.

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Yup. You can get support or help for ONE kid. In your entire lifetime. And even then only for 5 years.

If ya can't keep the kid clothed, fed, healthy (not obese). Then fine kid gets taken away and put up for adoption or raised in an orphanage.

Id happily pay MORE to have those whores kids taken away from them and raised by the god damn state. Than some cunt single mother cranking out a kid every 10-15 years so they can keep checks coming in. And the reason is the daughter she raised is almost assuredly going to repeat the cycle. Because that's what she was taught. She's already showing the signs at 18.

I personally know one welfare queen. She's got a nice 3/2 house. A used car but its a fucking 2015. Hardly a beater. When her one kid reached 16. She had another...That will take her almost to social/security retirement age. She has not worked in 20 years. I bet she has another in 10 or so years to close the gap to 67.

Does she live high on the hog? No. But she never has to work and certainly isn't "struggling".

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Perhaps the most important issue that no one talks about is low birth rates in the middle class. The people who should be able to afford to raise children right are being taxed so poor people can less effectively raise children instead.

The child tax credit might actually start to fix this. If you have 4 kids the costs of owning a high end minivan are covered.

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I don't want to have immigrants come to this country. And i certainly don't want to subsidize children.

If you don't have what it takes to have kids and support em. Don't fucking have em.

We need to cut welfare and food stamps to single mothers absolutely. But im not interested in subsidizing some suburban cunt with a "I want to speak to manager" haircut either.

Your kids... Your fucking problem.

I don't mind paying taxes for schools and things like that. But fuck the bullshit of "I have kids" I should get a tax credit. Fucking blow me. FINE. I don't have kids I shouldn't have to pay for public schools. We wanna play that game?

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Do you think the tax credit will benefit middle class more relative to the trash? I am always talking about how we are incentivizing the wrong ppl to breed. We are giving more in welfare to people that can’t even afford to raise kids to begin with. The well educated are putting off starting families to go to school and start a career. I think it is completely intentional. Extrapolate this out a couple generations and you have entire generations of families on the welfare free ride.

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used to be against abortion till i figured out that the only people getting abortions are degenerates and minorities

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It's terrible that children are dying, but I'd want to bayonet them later anyway.

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Lol, awful

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So slaughtering the unborn is more favorable than deportation of niggers? Good goy! More sacrifices to Moloch!

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Let us know how that deporting of niggers is going. In the meantime until thats up and running continue aborting them in the womb so they can never exist and be a drain on society.

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yeah, deportation is a half measure used by boomers

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Im sure I want to make abortion more readily accessible in all inner city areas. Fuck brainwashed christ cucks and their sheep like moral bullshit.

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"but abortion is murder and murder is wrooooooong, also would you like to donate to my charity import a few million based Congolese Christians, after all black people are the real Americans!" ~boomer christcucks

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stupid boomers ruined america and get to enjoy how much they ruined it while we have problems all over the map because of boomers.

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Fuck brainwashed christ cucks

Chill the fuck out, there's no reason for conflict with your brothers.

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Faggots like this guy love their infighting. They're just so used to divisive language amongst ourselves they regurgitate it at every point.

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Theocrats and nationalists are not on the same team

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He's more then likely a jew in whites clothing.

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There should be an abortion clinic next to every payday loan shop in America.

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I'm a "christ-cuck", you filthy fucking Jew faggot, and I think abortions are great for sub-human ferals, and terrible for real humans - meaning white folk. Got a problem with that? Then you're a filthy fucking kike, and need to be put to death, now.....

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Free abortions for blacks, because not giving them free abortions would be racist oppression.

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I've been saying for years that this is where conservatives miss the boat on abortion.

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I am "Pro Choice," but I am OK with less (or no) taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood, especially considering many taxpayers do not agree with abortion.

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I'm all for taxpayer subsidized thinning of the herd. It's too important.

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"I'm all for using other peoples money". If you care so much you can foot the bill.

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No taxpayer dollars, it's not the government's business to fund private businesses, non-profit or not.

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Many tax payers are mentally challenged.

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You’re not wrong. I would go as far as to say the average human is a fucking moron, but I still think it is wrong to allow taxpayer dollars to fund something that blatently goes against religious beliefs.

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Holy should I had no idea the number was that high. Could you imagine how badly the population growth would be without it. Fuck they already breed like parasites. I dont think the country could handle any more.

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What this really tells us is that non-whites in America need to be forcibly sterili8zed NOW.....

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Planned Parenthood: preventing more crime than Crime Stoppers since 1921

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