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Probably? Who the fuck else would.

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Funny how Muslim refuse to be diversified and enriched by bacon.

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Wendy’s hates shitskins

This comment brought to you by the BACONATOR


Because fuck you haji faggot

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How un-diverse of them!

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Start now. Secretly. Stealthily. Take them out.

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This idea needs to spread, but in a low-key way. It's the only way things are going to change. You know, it's unfortunate that some people go rogue, but that happens when you oppress them past the limits of toleration.

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What, like on dates?

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What is it good for?

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legitimize me killing a bunch of muslims

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TIL that leaving a bacon sandwich laying around is considered an "racist attack".

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Even though Muslim problems with bacon are tied with ideology and not race. And bacon isn't a fucking attack. What a joke.

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Well you know, it would be racist to expect brown people to hold themselves to white standards...apparently.

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I’m thinking I might go poop on the sidewalk...

Not gonna wipe with paper, using my hand

The same hand I’m typing with....

Now you have poo on you

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If your society won't stand up for itself, then it won't continue existing for much longer. Maybe they'll serve as a good example for the rest of the west?

I'm not saying that to suggest that we need to stand up for our society, the time for that was 30-40 years ago. You guys aren't old enough, but I remember in the 80's and early 90's when conservatives would be ridiculed for suggesting democrats were hidden marxists, the media had a bias, and the academic institutions had been taken over. Turns out it was all true. The current problems we face are signs that the left's plans are close to coming to fruition, and if you think Trump can turn back decades of planning all by himself I can understand your desperate hope but I don't agree with you.

My prediction: Leftist indoctrination continues unabated, so does illegal immigration. The point of no return in terms of demographic shift has already happened, and Trump is the last gasp of normal Americans realizing too late that the war has already been lost. The next big depression will be the excuse to go full socialist, a nightmare from which the nation will never recover. If you have assets and the ability to get out, watch out for the signs and be ready to abandon ship for safer waters.

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>blackpilling this hard


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What's blackpilling? Or do I not want to know.

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If any sand niggers come near my baby I will kill them. Im not even kidding she is my precious baby and I won't tolerate anyone hurting her.

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White people need to start waking up and fucking fast.

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