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And all the high school boys cheered.

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Teen pregnancy is about to skyrocket in Oregon.

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We could totally destroy this policy. Just a majority of the boys together all claiming to be women and going in the female restrooms and locker rooms. It'll be shut down within a week.

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I don't see where it says they need to identify as female to get I .

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So did the gym teachers running the hidden cameras

Sick fucks.

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And all the girls will be freaked out.

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An Obama appointee judge making trouble as normal. I can't wait until these guys get dragged off the bench collectively and lynched.

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Haha lynched... Get it, cuz niggers?

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Invest in the rope industry now, and you'll make a huge profit.

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Maybe you coukd fact check before calling for death?

Its bigleague politics so its total fiction.

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They live in a fantasy world.

All these years they've been going along with normal decent social ideals and all of a sudden they're so many crazy fuckers in positions to make decisions like that.

It's like we've been surrounded by pod people.

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The most horrifying thing is that these crazy fuckers who make these dangerous decisions (and everything else rotten in the world) constantly point their fingers at us and say we're the crazy ones.

Bizarro World.

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One of the main goals for the progressives was to improve the rights of women...

And we now have a situation where adult rapey men from shithole countries can be paid to come to the West and stay as "children", going to schools where our girls will be condemned, ostracised, or even expelled if they won't enthusiastically shower with them. And the progressives will cry their hearts out to keep them in the country if (when) they do something horrific.

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Good points especially the one about the girls not having any alternative options, if they refuse exactly what you said will happen, I would just fucking skip gym.

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I just want to point out here that Oregon is known for its child trafficking and pedo hangouts.

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I guess I was born too early for my HS dream to come true.

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Was thinking the same. 'Mom, I've got to get to school in time for the co-ed showers!'

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No shit right! I'd be wearing a dress and furiously whacking it every day in the girls shower.

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Well back then the girls would try to murder you for going into the girls rooms even if it were allowed, now days they have to let you in or be kicked out

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I now identify as a teenager

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My wife (biologically female) has always identified me as a teenager. Says I never grew up.

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A worthless spic promotes pedophilia and rape - who would've thunk???

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